Rules of the garage.

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President Obama vowed Monday to ease the financial plight of the nation’s small businesses, promising immediate action to revive frozen credit markets.

President Obama made his remarks to reporters after he and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner met in the White House with representatives of the Small Business Administration.

The president called small businesses “one of the biggest drivers of employment that we have” and said his administration is “working diligently to increase liquidity throughout the financial system.” art icn Rules of the garage. Read full article »

  • NEW: President: Small businesses are “one of the biggest drivers of employment”

  • Incentive-backed moves would decrease risk to lenders, increase funds to borrowers

  • Economic adviser: Government to pump “significant amount” of money into lending

  • Officials: Plan deals with two programs that Small Business Administration handles

Many years ago when I was outsourced by MarketSource as an Hewlett Packard Representative there was a message that resonates with me still to this day. I had the pleasure of working with an excellent sales team autonomously from my home. The experience left me with a feeling to one day become self employed. During that time digital imaging had just hit the market with the release of HP Photosmart  megapixel digital cameras. I was one snap happy women, leaving my film camera in the closet. At that time 3 megapixel was the hoopla of the moment. I was thoroughly trained about every HP product and supplies known to man. This was  during the time CEO, Carly Fiorina was at the helm of HP; who just had successful breast cancer surgery. I fell in love with digital imaging and HP. Than I jumped ship after 3 years and went over to Apple to market their products to the end users and mass merchants; that job did not last very long because I did not want to work on “Black Friday”. I was let go within a couple of weeks, damn; I loved working for Apple too! I was extra salty and thought I was let go because I was black. I cried like a baby too! After all I was the only African American individual on the sale team. ( I know your probably thinking don’t make it a race thing) Apple products are the business but can very expensive for a person on a budget.

It is 2:24 PM and President Obama is finally speaking live on CNN to tell us all about the ” Small Business Stimulus Plan”.This plan that the president will be releasing today will gives millions of individuals to own their own small business. Let’s all hope that is the case once he releases the information to the public. Many of us are unemployed from jobs, lost of money from the stock market, paying a mortgage on dead real estate and god only knows what else. Instead of feeling despair take a hard look at your skills, talents and qualifications to start your own business. Keep your heads up and learn from the rules of the garage. This was the message in the early-mid 90′s, HP was telling people to invent. Now is the time to re-invent our lives. I hope this message is inspiring and help to restore your faith.

Rules of the garage.

Believe you can change the world.

Work quickly, keep the tools unlocked, work whenever.

Know to work alone and when to work together.

Share – tools, ideas. Trust your colleagues.

No politics. No bureaucracy. (These are ridiculous in a garage.)

The customer defines a job well done.

Radical ideas are not bad ideas.

Invent different ways of working.

Make a contribution every day. If it doesn’t contribute,

it doesn’t leave the garage.

Believe that together we do anything.


The original company of inventors started here.

It is returning here.

The original start-up will act like one again.

From this day forward.

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