Please Give Me One Million Dollars

million dollars Please Give Me One Million Dollars

$1 Million Dollars

One million dollars in five thousand dollar fresh bills. No it is not Alicia Keyes asking for one million but someone did and got it too! Of course if anyone else is reading this with one million dollars lying around in a vault. I would like for you to give me one one million dollars with no strings attached. Lil Wayne would become my best friend after that dark skin women comment in his song if he handed me a million dollar check and the PCH folks could randomly select my entry for the one million dollar prize. Thank you in advance. View video after the break.

Comedian Craig Rowin made a YouTube video he asked if anyone could give him one-million dollars? With no strings attached….why didn’t I think of doing a Youtube video requesting one million? Scratching my head and thinking. Uh huh! Rowin alleges that his request was actually fulfilled by an benefactor.

In the original video, celebrities Rowin asked for money included Lady Gaga, Warren Buffett, Gary Busey, Tom Seaver, Nelson Mandela, James Earl Jones, Rudy Giuliani, Ed Koch, Will Smith’s kids, and the Chilean miners, apologizing if they weren’t millionaires.

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