Personal Assistant for $19 a month.

I am not much of a naysayer; listed in the Men’s Journal September issue called “Guru if the New Rich (Dropouts)” by Larry Smith. He wrote an article about the author of the “4 Hour Work Week” book by Tim Ferriss. Larry mentions in the end of his article a service called “” This service will become your personal assistant for a minium of $19 dollars a month in addition to service charges. Thats about a $1 a day. I have not tried the service yet because I am leary of giving my personal information to anyone abroad. If you experience any type of theft there is no recourse. I suggest you sort of throw caution to the wind when you use services like this, like I said earlier I am not a naysayer. If it sounds to good to be true you better read the small print before you use any services provide from someone outside of the United States. Otherwise it is an excellent way to get things done without the headache of hiring a personal assistant.

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