Jay Z Million Dollar Face

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I love the Knowles/Carter family and their everlasting blueprint on the entertainment industry which will  be embedded in the memory of a lot of folks for some time to come. In cyberspace this face has been passed around freely and all of us has had our two cents about Knowles/Carter union. However at the end of the day, they are business folks and he obviously believes that he has a face worth millions to someone. Up on the auction block is this diamond encrusted portrait of Jay Z for sell. I think the money could be spent better elsewhere but who the hell am I to question what someone purchases. Hell, if I had disposable cash to spend like toilet paper going down the toilet; I would probably buy a diamond encrusted portrait of my favorite celebrity or myself or donate it to a worthy cause?

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Check out how clean this crib is…..dang, I need more money for a housekeeper and my bank account. I simply can’t keep up with this type of cleanliness without hired help. You gotta love it…..it keeps some of us dreaming about what we want to do with that extra milli we may have in our bank account one day! The Knowles/Carter clan got it going on……for real.

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 Jay Z Million Dollar Face
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