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Frederick County, Maryland defines Home Occupation: A use incidental and secondary to a property’s prime residential use. A home occupation use shall not change the residential character of the property or the neighborhood and shall meet all applicable requirements in Article 8. Section 829 of this code.

What this means to me: Now this is the definition for Frederick County, MD. Each state and county has their own specific rules and regulations. They don’t want you to paint your house pink, run ribbons around your streets with your name in bold letters and spray painting lamp poles with your home address on it with an arrow pointing toward your house.

What does all that section 829(a)(2) means: states, “For purposes of this section. A home occupation means any full or part-time occupational or business use within a dwelling, other than a no-impact home occupation.”

What this means to me, it better be legitimate, no prostitution, drug pharmacy, hookers better not be running all amuck. Believe me that will surley get your neighbors panties in a bunch and probably a phone call to the local police department. LOL! Some folks who start businesses out of their homes miss this point entirely and need it to be further broken down. If your business is not one that your willing to pay for in a commercial building were customers would feel comfortable patronizing you and walking from off the street through the door….don’t even think about starting the business.

What are Home Occupations you ask? A “home occupation” or no-impact home occupation” does not include telecommuting. “Telecommuting” means work outside of the office that involves no deliveries, storage, customer visits, or similar activities. No home occupation is permitted unless it is authorized by a Conditional Use. No no-impact home occupation is permitted unless it is authorized by a Zoning Certificate.

What this means to me….your paperwork  and your business better be in order if your going to be doing business in your home around your neck of the woods. When in doubt call your county clerk or City Hall….

FYI: There are companies who hire telecommuters that work from home and go out into the field from the home. Typically refer to as road warriors. I am sure that type of arrangement does not apply to home occupations.

Home Occupation Conditional Use Criteria means you cannot create a nuisance. It can’t be no more than 20% of dwelling floor area or 300 square feet., whichever is greater. Only one employee who is not a resident. No external evidence that the business is used for anything but a dwelling. Maximum of one daily local home delivery from UPS or Fedex.

What this means to me is your house better not look like the revolving door of a 7’11 or liquor store or a nightclub on a Friday night. No neon signs advertising thephotographer4you is snapping pictures of anyone willing to sit in front of my backdrop. No groups of 2 or more folks calling themselves my employees, which can be a serious problem if your bring an entourage like Mariah Carey Cannon or Diddy. SO you know what that means…you better be willing to travel on location to them. The deliveries better not look like the grocery store shipments in the back of the building in front of your garage door.

Building Department Services: Permit application processing and Permit issuance. Inspection – Bldg, Fire, Plumbing, Electric, Gas and Site. Building and Fire Review. Certificate of Use and Occupancy Issuance. Emergency Response. Pre-Application Project Consultation.

What this means to me: You better have your ish in order to business in your home. There is nothing worse than doing business with unprofessional folks!

Building Department Licenses: Most business licenses are issued through the State of Maryland. However, in addition to State licensing, a local license IS required for Plumbers, Electricians, Gas contractors/installation, Vendors/Peddler. The building Department is the contact for these local licenses.

What this means to me: When my husband told me he has a friend who can wire our electric wiring for our flat screens…..I thought he really needed a vacation or lost a screw in his head. Exactly my point….just because your boy/girl tells you they know how to do something that clearly demands being bonded and licensed; and they are not able to produce one…….red flag! You don’t do business with folks who are not properly license….be firm about this requirement! If the house burns down because that allege friend who told you they knew how to wire your cords…..what are you going to tell the insurance company? You will take a loss more than likely…..just a thought! Sort of like going to a doctor or dentist who tells you they are still waiting to take the boards but they got the book work cover and down to a science…..aiiiiright!

If your starting a business out of your home..get your paperwork and business in order. These suggestions are what the requirement for  Frederick County, Maryland dictates to do business in my state. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations.

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