Help U.S. Military Families Overseas & Mind Your Pennies

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Coupons © Delores Randall

Many years ago I started clipping coupons. It is the most overlooked thing to do in most households. Mind your pennies by clipping and using paper money. That coupon insert in the Sunday paper, the mail insert with coupons, the Internet coupons and practically every retailer offer a coupon for consumers to use to receive a discount on their purchases.



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Coupons © Delores Randall


Above is an example of my coupon saving at one of my shopping experience at Wegmans. I took advantage of their coupon program and it was totally worth it! My total bill was $117.12 cents and out of pocket expense $.51 cents. Yippeeeeee! Yeah yeah…I have heard about extreme coupons but something about some of those folks don’t jive with me. That is another post…remember coupons expire. Only purchase items you know you’re going to actually use

I have heard many excused from folks “I don’t have time to do that!” All I can do is blankly stare at the telephone and the comment. Who does not want to save money? The savings can be small or very big depending on how you manage your money. My mantra has always been “make your money work for you”, hence coupons used at the register for the basic necessities for your family. I can’t say the same about credit cards but that is another post all together.

Here is how I see it.: We have gotten very consumed with obtaining items that are meaningless, keeping up with celebrities that stream our newsfeeds with materialism, boasting about the wealth you and I have help them to achieve by supporting them, overpriced clothing and handbags, excessive credit card use trying to keep up with only god knows who at the end of the day, excessive spending on items that does not secure our futures that we lose sight of reality. Enough with that nonsense…that is what got most of us in financial ruins. Justsaying, it is time to get back to simply being practical to rebuild our futures. But no one wants to have that conversation. 2012 is the time to take a step back, get a grip, dig ourselves out of our own holes by clipping coupons to help us weather the storms and rebuild our own bottom lines. Until coupons go away, everyone in the world should be using an coupon at the register. For those folks who believe they have more money than God!

God bless them and don’t pity the fool who spends his money foolishly. Matter of fact don’t use anyone as an example or as a template for your life.

Note: If you save your money, pinch your pennies and dollars…perhaps you can take a vacation, treat yourself to the spa, go out to eat occasionally and buy your dream home, etc. But do it on your own terms and stop trying to keep up with the Jones in 2012.

Help our troops by sending your expired coupons to Military commissaries. Our U.S. military families stationed overseas are able to use them on base for up to SIX MONTHS after the manufacturer’s expiration date. On November 8, 2011 handles the processing and shipping of coupons, both active and expired, to military families on bases overseas and across the U.S. 

  • Coops for Troops is another program created by a stay at home mom. I don’t know much about the a North Carolina based organization but it does exist.


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  • Lesley Parkinson

    CouponsToTroops is another option for sending coupons overseas.  With CouponsToTroops ( you adopt an overseas military family to mail your coupons to.  That family will even share whatever coupons they won’t themselves use with other families on base.   It’s a great way to support our military families, and possibly make a friend in the process!!   To sign up to adopt a family, you can do so via our facebook page or just send us an email at

  • Lesley Parkinson is another option for sending your coupons overseas.  With CouponsToTroops, you can adopt an overseas military family so that you can mail your coupons directly to the family.     The big advantages to our program is that the military families receive coupons much quicker since there’s no middle man, meaning they can USE the coupons that much quicker,  and you’re more likely to receive an acknowledgment when your coupons have been received.     

    Our website is currently in reconstruction mode but you can visit our Facebook page for more info ( or simply send an email to to sign up to adopt a family!             It’s a great way to support a military family and possibly make a new friends halfway around the world in the process!