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 You want to save money. Read below and find out how I mind my business and coins at the cash register. 
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My feet were literally hurting last night when I came home from grocery shopping at Wegmans. I have to say I am happy with 
my results. I had carefully planned this shop for a couple of weeks. I made a list, deviated on a couple of things like
the L’Oreal Mascara etc. which I had only a $3.00 coupon and $3.00 Oil of Olay Regenerist coupon. The additional cost 
was on packages of meats and frozen entrees for lunch. Produce is purchase during the summer from Frederick local farmers markets.  I am not certain how anyone saves a lot of money at the register or how folks on #Extreme Coupons are purchasing more than 
the allowance per customer?

The savings I experience are conducive for keeping my pantries and closets stocked for my family. I don't believe in chasing
down every deal...quite frankly there are not enough hours in the day nor do I like every brand on the shelf.
 I am not interest in stockpiling items in my house. Been there and have done that...my godsent mother use to stockpile food, meat, juice, dry goods and beauty 
products when we were kids in our home. If you store too many food items in your home. Bugs can get in the cereals, etc and dry 
food items. Donate excessive food items to food banks; give to your family, friends and senior citizens. Make care packages 
for college students. Otherwise it is absolutely ridiculous to stockpile and not rotate the items stored on your home shelf.
HOARDING and turning into a #HOARDER is not a good look for anyone! #justsaying...give away stuff you are blessed to receive
from a coupon for pennies on the dollar. When you experience abundance in your life, become a blessing to someone else. 
 There are store policies that most consumers must adhere to when using coupons. In most of the retailers and grocery stores in 
the #Frederick, #Maryland area the limit is 4 items per household.
 Note: It took me hours to match every coupon. I wish that I had worn sneakers and carried a sweater, my bones were iced and 
my feet were pulsing in my open toe shoes. My husband met me at Wegmans for dinner and to assist in bringing home our groceries. 
 On the real. If there were coupons for items that double for products from companies like MAC cosmetics, 
Godiva chocolate, Under Armour gear, Luxurious perfumes, Linen garments and Lingerie, etc. I would stockpile to my heart's content.  Breakdown of savings. MFR Coupon Savings $70.37 DBL Coupon Savings $13.90 Wegmans Coupon $110.88 Shoppers Club Savings $9.74 Total Savings $204.89 Out of pocket cash $98.19 

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Hello Friend post in an email:

I told you I would send you a few links so you can master couponing. Thanks for the free tape coupons yesterday. Let me know if you want any coupons, etc. Nice meeting someone who mine their coins to maximized their savings at the register.

The above picture:

Target total savings $18.00 out of pocket expense $1.18

Walmart made me feel some kind of way because there prices did not match my coupons.

Walmart total $42.17 out of pocket expense $22.10

I posted this on Facebook…I hope it helps my readers mind your coins at the cash register.:
Good Morning Neighbor and dear friend, I woke up thinking about your comment. I just decided that I was going to use paper money (coupons) recently on an level conducive to saving our family money. I had always been a seeker of deals or jump for joy when a deal fell at my feet. A couple of weeks ago I decided to compile the coupons. I was fluster at first. Baby steps....I can't for the life of me figure out why I stopped using them..duh! I use to clip and carry coupons with me everywhere. Don't clip unless your going to use the coupons. Match the coupon to your online store list created online and quick print out the list without images to save ink (Hit print>preference>set on quick draft for economy printing. The list -that way you can visibly see the saving/discount for yourself instead of guessing and for extreme coupon deals at the store. Stick to your list and don't feel pressure to purchase everything on one trip. Plan ahead for big shops. Stock pantry and bathroom only otherwise...it can become a closet full of junk. Check outhttp://www.couponmom.com/ to stay abreast of the freebies matched with a coupon. Example Target has 4 free items, Walmart has 7 items and 4 items bringing the total to a measly .17. I suggest you pick your favorite stores and stick with them. Go for the major shop 30, 60, 90 days increments. Add your meats and produce when needed. Don't hoard, be willing to give away to the community foodbanks or get with a group interest in starting a coupon club to start creating care packages for schools and the military. Start a subscription to your local newspapers. I canceled my Sunday subscription like an idiot...whatever you do "DO NOT DUMPSTER DIVE." Don't ever buy anything retail and whatever you do don't try to keep up with the Jones who may be stunting anyway. My mantra "I am a sucker for a deal!" http://thekrazycouponlady.​com/ andhttp://rebeccadavidsonextr​emecouponing.com/ are excellent resources of information for tips, tricks and coupon deals. Remember you have a life outside of clipping couponing....otherwise you may end up needing coupon anonymous. Remember to save expire coupons and send your expire coupons to military families overseas. I hope this tidbit of information help your family save money. A penny saved is a penny earned. Have a fabulous day!
I forgot to add....get a binder and organize to make it easier to manage the coupons at the store for big shopping days. Carry your binder in the store with you. I finally took a day...yesterday to organize mind. http://thekrazycouponlady.​com/beginners/
What to do with expired coupons? Send them to a overseas commissary.
Hey everyone!! My husband is Active duty military and we are currently stationed overseas in Germany. Our commissary will take coupons 6 months after the expiration date... so if you have any expired coupons please to throw them away! Send them over here and we'll put them to good use : ) Thanks in advance! Audrey Hollingsworth CMR 405 Box 2544 APO AE 09034

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