WTF Moments | Overpriced Jewelry

 WTF Moments | Overpriced Jewelry

I am not trying to knock anyone’s hustle but you would have to be an individual with no ideal about the different between disposable income and discretionary income to rush out an buy the latest “IT” gear shit on the market today. Most celebrities have money or in the position to waste money on shit that have no real value. I was surfing and discovered this blog post on about celeb style….yeah OK!

First of all, most working class folks are trying to figure out to keep it 100 for real and pay their mortgage and handle family life. There is not much time to keep up with the latest ish someone is wearing. I am just saying…now unless they are sending you something for free to endorse, represent, market or sport to influence your client customer base, friends and family to buy I suggest you keep it moving. Oh yeah, of course if your endorsing the product because it is all that….then by all means go for it, but enough already with the high price shit that most folks can’t afford to buy! I would have to say that most high priced items that are marketed today don’t include the working class individual when they do their mass marketing blitz.

I have been reading Sandrarose and a slew of websites that periodically push these high end products for a hot minute  when they are allege to be the hot shit to own at the moment. The first thought that comes to mind is GTFOH and WTF are they selling to their readership?  Of course certain bloggers pushes high price items to their inside circle of friends who obviously have disposable cash to splurge on shit that ain’t much of nothing in less than a month. I ain’t knocking an individual hustle but gee whiz give me a break with the high end and high priced bullshit about purchasing high price bags, cars and clothing during a time when most folk are wondering when they are going to find employment in this current economic climate. I can give a damn about what T.I., Tiny, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Amber, Diddy, Heidi, Kendra, Kim K, Ray J and any fabulous or famous celebrity is driving and buying. These celebrities obviously have disposable cash and credit to keep it moving and shopping! Celebrities want folks to spend their hard earned money and pay attention to what they are doing to buy their wares….what about the real issues going in the world? Charity donations, helping others and making a difference with the money that hard working individuals are spending to keep up with the celebrity, what are they really doing to contribute during this shitty economy beside flaunt material goods in your face?

Based on that blip about the bracelet being $2000-13K over on Sandrarose, hell, that is some folks pay for their mortgage and it is enough to sustain their family until they pick themselves up by the bootstraps. As beautiful as some of the shit is, now is the time to sustain your livelihoods and keep your heads up for real. You don’t have time to keep up with folks who obviously have deeper pocket than you.

See this is why Wendy William’s get my attention: She keeps it 100 for real. She wears clothes that are affordable to the average working class individual. Pay attention people!

If anyone in your family have those type of coins to be wasting on bullshit instead of helping you or another family out, donating to charity or helping themselves out of debt….step back, don’t envy them because they are foolish folks!

In my gyantunplugged voice=failed! She failed to convince me why anyone should go out and make this unnecessary purchase. Unless someone is sending me something or I believe in it. I am going to write a GTFOH or WTF moment post. Enough already!:

Hell no to this bracelet with the yarn….are they for real? This falls under my WTF moments! According to Sandrarose everyone is wearing one..

The bracelet Drake and T.I. are wearing might be the 10 diamond pavé ball bracelet, which is pure silver with 10 ct. diamonds and black string. The bracelets will set you back anywhere from $2,000 up to $13,000. Or you can find knock offs that are sure to spring up now that Drake, T.I., Kim Kardashian, LeBron James and others are now rocking them.

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