Government Shutdown History Lesson

3 branches of government Government Shutdown History Lesson

While listening n keeping my ear to the ground. Why hasn’t anyone not notice it is not simply up to our President to make all of the decisions? This is why reading is fundamental. There are three branches of government. The folks people should be pissed off with gets a handshake while the President tries to hold down the house. Typically taught to students 3rd-5th grade. Here is a refresher course. >

Day 2 of Government shutdown history lesson.:


I. Executive Branch – enforces the laws. It is headed by the President of the United States. The Executive Branch makes sure that people in the U.S. obey the laws and policies of our country.

A. President – is elected by the people of the United State and serves a 4 year term. The president can only serve 8 years total.

1. Vice President – helps the president and is the second in command.

2. Cabinet – 15 people who advise the President about different government departments.

II. Legislative Branch – makes the laws.

A. Congress

1. Senate – every state has 2 senators, who are elected by the people of that state. There are 100 senators who each serve 6 years, then can be re-elected. There are no term limits.

2. House of Representatives – representation is based on the number of people living in each state. More populated states have more representatives. They are also elected by the people in each state. There are around 435 representatives currently. They serve 2 years, and then can be re-elected. There are no term limits.

III. Judicial Branch – translates the laws. It is made up of the court systems. Courts help settle many kinds of problems and arguments by helping us understand the laws and how to apply the law, and whether or not they are “constitutional”, or agree with the constitution.

A. Supreme Court – the highest court in the U.S. 

1. Federal Court
a. Court of Appeals

Keep your eyes on the house and your ears to the ground!

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