Georgia Is In State of Emergency

 Georgia Is In State of Emergency

OMG! The image of Georgia underwater is unbelievable and I am staring at this digital images of Six Flags in disbelief. The people in Georgia are trying to survive the devastation that has hit their towns. Lives have been reportedly lost and homes destroyed. This almost reminds me of Hurricane Katrina and Louisiana; Six Flags is submerged under murky brown floods, parts of the roller-coaster disappearing under the opaque brown thick murky water. There are reports on the Internet that there was a  breached levee in Trion, GA caused the evacuation of over 1,500 people and several areas are without power. Work and schools have come to screeching halts, and roads in the area are out of the question for road travel. 9 Southeast storm deaths as floodwater’s linger and the Deadly Southern Floods Not Letting Up Yet. Georgia officials estimated $250 million in damages.

This is not good at all for the people in Atlanta….my thoughts and prayers are with the people who are going through this unexpected devastation to their homes and the lost of their love ones. When you hear about stuff like this it just breaks your heart and it makes me realize that my issues are not that big after all!

Six Flags Flooded in Atlanta – Videos on YouTube

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