Fierce Women | J’aime Kirlwe Extreme Couponing

coupons1 Fierce Women | Jaime Kirlwe Extreme Couponing

This doll right here is one penny pinching doll for the history books. Her mantra is “thou shall not pay retail”, she is a mother of three and a part-time paralegal who started clipping coupons two years ago and says she now save her family $1300 per month. Kirlwe saves a lot of money by shopping with manufactor and store coupons found online and in printed inserts, buying in bulk, and using the money the money saved on one item to pay for another. The fierce doll donates what she does not use to Manna Food Center in Gaithersburg and Rockville Pregnancy Center.

I use to clip coupons but who knew that if you had enough of those paper dollars you would literally pay zero at the cash register? Everyone is not feeling Ms. Extreme Coupon lady and claims she is a fraud! Uh huh! When I clip coupons I never saved as much as this doll…perhaps I need to rethink my paper money strategy?


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