FCC Jumps On The Jackson Gravy Train

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Damn near after five years the FCC want to get a slice of the Jackson publicity to make sure this will never happen again on television. Only in the United States do we have people who purport to morally stand correct on issues concerning nudity, sexuality, gay marriage, and Christianity. After watching many government heads fall to the waste side due to their own staff involved in some shady behavior and than have the audacity to tell the people how to live and view life….nowadays people want to hear how to get the hell out of unemployment and health-care. We don’t give a damn why Janet Jackson beautiful brown nipple with an earring slipped out at this point. It is beginning to look like harassment by the FCC and an underhanded way to cause Janet Jackson and her family embarrassment. Now I have to wonder are they going to go after that Disney character who can’t seem to keep her clothes on, Vanessa Hudgens and hit her too for indecent exposure fines….are they simply going to come up with an excuse for her revealing nudity moments? We wonder why our children roll their eyes at us when we give them that morality speech about life….why should they listen if Vanessa, Britney, Lindsay and all of the bubble gum chewing girlies can show us cocaine on plates, crotches, exposed vajays and sleeping with a new man or women depending on the season in Hollywood. Now the FCC wants to pick on Janet Jackson for an accidental nipple slip….I really wonder why? Get over it, move pass it and let talks politics, unemployment, healthcare and mortgages. I find it interesting how we the public can be swayed with issues that amount to much of nothing, especially when it concerns your own well being. Stay focus folks that how we all got swindle with our mortgages….too caught up in the nonsense happening in the media concerning celebrities shenanigans and mishaps that will not feed or take care of your own family.

“The FCC has reasserted its power to regulate fleeting nudity and says it wants to further investigate ‘whether CBS’ indecency violation [in the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl reveal] was willful’,” says Broadcasting & Cable, continuing

‘The evidence in this case strongly suggests that CBS had access to video delay technology at the time of the 2004 Super Bowl,’ the commission said Tuesday in a brief to the Third Circuit Appeals Court in the Janet Jackson Super Bowl reveal case. The FCC asked the court to remand the decision back to the FCC so it could investigate further its assertion that the violation was ‘willful.’

The Third Circuit, in reversing the FCC’s fine against the broadcast, said the evidence that delay technology was available at the time was ’scant.’ The FCC disagrees and wants the chance to determine ‘whether CBS was reckless not to use video delay technology for this broadcast.’

The commission also reasserted that the reveal was off limits for broadcast TV between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. ‘[The FCC] reasonably determined in this case that the graphic and shocking, albeit brief, exposure of Janet Jackson’s bare right breast to a nationwide audience composed of millions of children and adults was indecent,’ the FCC said.

Back in June, the court asked for new briefs in the case after the Supreme Court’s May 4 decision to vacate the Third Circuit’s ruling that the Jackson fine was arbitrary and capricious.

“The FCC relied  heavily on the Fox decision in its brief, saying that ‘as the Fox Courts interpretation of the pertinent regulatory history now makes clear, the  repetition requirement that exempted fleeting expletives from enforcement has  no logical application to images’,” B&C adds.

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