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Donate to make a difference to “AMFAR.” Be thankful if you have not contracted the virus by now. AIDS has been on scene for quite sometime, I can remember as far back as the mid 1980′s when AIDS was consider a gays disease, well that statement was not true. It is everyone disease and none of us are immune from catching the virus.  I remember a time when friends, family and love one’s was dropping like flies. The virus has taken on a life of its own since then. It has become a different disease due to the medicines on the scene to fight the deadly disease. The virus may be immune to the tactics and medicine use to fight it to protect your “T” cells from dropping. I do believe that some of us have gotten extremely comfortable despite the lack of a cure. It is time to ring the alarm on this deadly disease and to advocate against it.

Donate to make a difference.  You can donate your time, a dollar or more, your education and practicing safe sex. Don’t go out in the rain without your raincoat! I don’t care if if your married, straight, gay, homosexual, lesbian, female, male, women, man, child, teenager, and partnered up. The new slogan should be “There is No Cure” and I am practicing safe sex or abstinence to prevent the spread of the deadly disease and to prevent myself from catching the HIV virus. Although the Pope may not agree on the practice of safe sex and use of condoms that does not mean one has to be ignorant and unaware of the reality of a deadly disease that does not have a cure that I know of to this day. Check yourself at least quarterly to monitor your health against the virus. If you don’t catch it in time and receive treatment; you will die.

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Keep your head up. AIDS is back on the rise and you better check yourself periodically. Go to a free clinic locally in your state, the CDC is the real deal and will test your private parts for diseases that your own private physician won’t check unless you ask. Check it out this facility is known as the CDC. They will give you free condoms, complete medical examination of your Vagina and phallus and birth control. Don’t go out of this world ignorant, nor lay down with someone without a medical history check that is verifiable of at least 6 months to 1 year. Ain’t none of us that in love that we are willing to jeopardize our lives.

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