What$ Is A Designer Name Worth To The Customer?

1 percent What$ Is A Designer Name Worth To The Customer?

Let me just say out the gate. I thought Oprah had lost her mind when she went shopping for a pricey handbag. We all know Ms. O can afford to buy a million of any pricey handbags. Apparently the sale clerk in Switzerland did not think so…..hmmm? Oprah had been shopping at an upscale boutique in Zurich, Switzerland and had asked to peruse a pricey handbag. Apparently, the sales person refused her request based on his assumptions that she could not afford the forty thousand dollar price tag.

Several months later.

  • Poor ole Trayon Christian saved his pennies to purchase a overpriced Salvatore Ferragamo belt at Barneys. After making the legitimate purchase….kid was was approached by police about a block away, and asked by the Po Po “how a young black man such as himself could afford to purchase such an expensive belt,” according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.
  • Another black Barneys shopper accused of credit card fraud after buying $2,500 purse: claim. Kayla Phillips, 21, says she was swarmed by four plainclothes cops after using her debit card to buy a $2,500 orange suede Céline bag. Her experience is eerily similar to that of Trayon Christian, 19, who filed a discrimination suit this week accusing Barneys and the NYPD of racial profiling.

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The most I’ve ever spent for a belt probably is around $30 at the Gap with a steep markdown. If I can’t get my Coach bag from Prime outlet….NEXT! I am serious too. What is a designer name worth to the customer? Not a damn thing lest they get it on sale with a steep markdown. I guess I’ll never be a fashionistas…..NOPE! Not practical to me in my humble opinion for any working class person to spend money on overpriced goods that are not practical. Oh seriously….I would have to win the lottery. Even then I would probably not hand over the dollars. NOPE….I would rather give it to a student or someone in my family or hood before I hand the almighty dollar over to a pompous designer. Justsaying……a splurge is cute one in the blue moon but spending money one do not have on products one can not afford is asinine. Especially when one is treated like a second rate citizen. Boo F*ckem Hoo?

Again I say to the consumer. What is a designer name worth to you? Not a damn thing when the customer can’t get no respect.

Don’t even get me started about the treasure trove of Thrift stores goodies aka brands that still have the tags still on them. HA!

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