Call the Authorities Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas on Ashley Reid

Ashley Reid. This bish has lost her mind. This grown woman making threats on social media platforms against Chilli aka Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas bout sucking off her daddy back in the day. That shit is not funny nor cute. Ummmm….in case doll does not know.

That is a certified threat that needs to be taken serious. If I was Chilli, I would report aka snitch ole gurl out to the FBI, CIA, DEA n anything with a “A” or “I” will spill the beans on a threatening bitch. What you not gonna do is use intimidation, threats and all the gutter hoodrat shit on a doll. Why you mad again boo comes to mind? It is purported that Karma is a certified bitch that comes back to bite one in the asscheeks.



Put a body warrant on the Reid family just for GP. Ain’t nobody got time for that gutter hoodrat shit. Nah enough already with the beefing. WTF? Oh seriously……see it’s all beef n jokes until shit get real! Grow up n take this shit offline. Let something happen to Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas or any of the folks affiliated with this group. Uh huh…..the scripts write themselves. Dumbing down peeps never get that part of the script until their asses are in chains and locked up behind steel bars with nothing but time on their hands to think shit over.

Peppi the Pastor need to come n get her peeps aka kids before shit get really real for the entire “Reid” clan and hit skid marks. Trust n believe folks, #TLC fans n the streets are talking. I would not be worried though if I was Chilli. Jump froggy……just jump. Make my day comes to mind! Oh while doll is listening….get the lawyer to file a counter-suit claim.

Dang there must be something to Crazy Sexy Cool after all? Who put this type of energy into shutting down a voice if it was all a lie. Heck….who gives a shit if ole girl sucked on a lollipop, matter a fact a million lollipops….somebody had to suck it cause Peppi obviously was not coming to the yard with her milkshake.

Justsaying…dick sucking n old tricks ways are not shocking news in the 21st century. Sex is what it tis….now lets get to the real tea behind the lawsuit. Only in America do we use someone sexual escapades against folks. Distractions is soo yesteryear and last century. Can we talk bout that shady contract? Has legal precedence been establish against this sort of backroom dealing. Has the stature of limitation ran out? Did the case ever make it to the Supreme court system? Is TLC within their legal right to sue n request a new trial because of shady legal representation? UMPH!

Enough Already…..

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