Bush Late Night Regulations

What are you doing in the wee hours of the night? Probably dancing the night away with friends in celebration of the kickoff of the Presidentual inaugaration festivities in the Washington, D.C area, getting that last alcohol bar call drink, trying to get that girls or guys number, looking for a one night stand to sleep with, paying a bar tab or working the midnight shift like President Bush. Politics is not for the meek at heart. It is a dirty dirty job and someone has to do it. But do we need a sneaky president attempting to get favors for his friends and family before he says good-bye to the White House. Who knew that this was going on in the wee hours before midnight—-all of society perhaps may have thought in the back of their mind that deals are made in secret closets. This is when that last deal could be made within the walls of the upper echelon of the elite group. I sure hope that Harvard University degree that President elect Barack Obama obtained serves this country well because he is going to need all the knowlegde and muscle he can get his hands on. Between President Obama and his dream team they are going to need several shovels and buckets once they step foot into the White House to pull us out of the shit that has been piling up behind the doors of the White House. They better wear really high to your thigh rugged boots too. There is a pile of shit that stinks really badly that will need to be cleaned up ASAP! As for Bush, don’t let the door knob hit you on your ass on the way out the White House.

Presidents have issued late-term regulations to push agendas and help create their legacies since John Adams named federal judges hours before his presidency ended in 1801. The appointees were nicknamed the midnight judges.

Bush’s father, President George H.W. Bush, set a record among recent presidents with 56 such post-election rules, compared with 13 for Ronald Reagan and 49 for Bill Clinton, according to de Rugy’s analysis.

Story: Bush Pushes ‘Midnight Rules’ to Support Companies as Term Ends

By Holly Rosenkrantz and Mark Drajem


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