BOB&TOM TV: “Obama Man” by Greg Morton

I knew it would only be a matter of time before they come for President Obama especially since the media and bloggers always find something to snicker about the First Lady. This video is making fun and taking jabs at the policy and procedures that President Obama has been implementing to tackle the financial crisis. By now we all should realize that our president does have a sense of humor and the First Lady is a real down to earth sort of girl. I have to admit that it is quite refreshing to watch these two go out on dates, raise their children, live with their mother, dress in casual gear and laugh at their own jokes. I have not witness their style in any of the presidents that have held office since I can remember learning about our world leaders. Former President Bill Clinton was  considered the black president and may have come close to being down to earth with the people but it was at arms length. Now the financial turmoil this country is witnessing and experiencing unfold was already in the White House waiting for him when he took office.

Bob and Tom- Canadian comedian Greg Morton weighs in on the current financial crisis and how President Obama plans to get us out of it.

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