The Blame Game Continues on da Hill

vote smart 2014 The Blame Game Continues on da Hill

Anyone experiencing buyers remorse? Bout now one should be thinking bout when dumbing down during the election process goes irretrievably wrong. Vote Smart. Know your electives n not just at the poll ballet. Not when they spend millions of dollars shucking n jiving and showing der best face.

What do you really know bout dem peeps that are suppose to work for the local constituents? Listen live and keep your eye on dem pubs that are suppose to be representing your local districts n locales. After the vote do you really know what they’re do for the people? HUH?

Be mindful of one thing during this government shutdown. Dem pubs still drawing a check off the backs of the working class taxpayer dollars while they furlough 800 thousand plus working class peeps. Real talk n real ish going down on the hill. Nah but I am sure the media does not want none of you to smarten up.

The blame game is bullshit n a PR spin. It ought be a law for all people to learn about their laws and dem pubs they elect into office during election time.

It should be a prerequisite in grade school that every student pass their government history class with a A plus. Enough already with the dumb down approach n folks acting like they clueless after the fact. Nah….buyer remorse does not count after the purchase or voting in extremist in our governments. NOPE! Listen to your boys and girls spew their bantering noise about the government shutdown live on the house floor aka on the hill!

Dem pubs do not want to pay their bills. Sort of like how most working class American feel about paying bills. Half of us damn near bankruptcy. Dem pubs still getting their checks though…..hell they don’t care if your working class ass default on your bills as long as thier livelihoods are covered when the bill come due. Yeah it sucks n a hard thing to swallow. Ever heard the term > dem pubs don’t really care bout you. You’re just a tool. K? Listen to the spin.

Whatever you do…don’t sell out your best interest in the mix listening to bullshit from dem pubs. Has anyone of dem pubs sent you a check to pay your bills? Have any of them showed up at a hospital with a check when your hospital bill is due? Has any of dem pubs sent you a bag of grocers for your dinner table? PAUSE!

Trickle down effect is not a goddamn joke. How bout tuning into that for a minute. What should be on the minds of folks is how did we have money for Syria? All of sudden their is no money to run our government? WTF?

Oops forgot to include a lesson in some one else words. Too lazy to type mi own bantering opinionated spew.

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