How To Apply A Hair Weave

Women from all ethnic backgrounds have begun to let it be known that they sometimes will wear a weave. Black women have been weaving their hair for ages. In this video Geisha applies an weave effortlessly. This is the best how to apply a weave video I have ever seen on YouTube. Black women pay $200 and up for their weaves and it may only last 4-6 weeks. Once new hair begin to grow out it is time to replace the weave with new hair. I know that is a no brain-er but their are women walking around with scary weaves. Human hair can be purchased at your local store for $25 a pack and up. Wearing a weave is awesome when it looks like the one Geisha is showing in the video. It require minimal care and styling. It gives your natural hair an opportunity to grow out from a bad perm, grow out your old haircuts and to change up ones look with a new do. I wonder would our first lady ever sport a weave or braids? Kudos to Geisha for making this video….you just help  women save hundreds of dollars. Every doll don’t have the same resources to keep up with Beyonce’s weave; but you can keep your hair looking like hers by styling your weave like the one in this video. Can I get an Amen and thank you Jesus for helping me with my do.

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