Anna Wintour Is A Woman On Her Daily Grind

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In order to survive in any industry one must secure advertisers, sponsorship or a few coins to keep chiming out the contents. I have trashed talked Ms. Anna Wintour on this blog for not having an African Vogue publication. That what happens when you jump on the cyberspace bandwagon bantering noise train. Make no mistake…it is a ‘FACT” that Wintour is a woman on her daily grind. We all need to get our notebooks out to take notes. Word on cyberstreet is Ms. Wintour booked almost 600 pages of advertising for the notorious and coveted September Vogue issue. The September 2011 issue will have 758 pages. I am hyperventilating from the very thought of feeling the magazine in my hands. I slowly turn each page, read every word and feast my eyes on the images. AMAZING…..photographs!

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While you were sleeping, playing games online and bantering about a much ado about nothing; Ms. Wintour raised over a half million dollars to get President Obama re-elected. To be exact that is $500,000.00 dollars. That’s a whole lot of zeros for a woman who runs a fashion powerhouse

Folks rubbed arms, chat it up while sipping wine, water and champagne at her most recent fundraiser for Obama. If you had $30,400+ in the cookie jar you could have purchased a ticket. $71,600-a-couple By the way the room was swarming with media celebrities. The folks were not simply there to kiki it up all night long, the purpose of the fabulous evening will raise $2 million for the Obama Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee.

The million dollar question I want answered from someone or an insider. Wintour is a woman on a mission and on her daily grind. When does Ms. Wintour sleep?



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  • ono

    Please stop hinting at this notion that Africa can be represented by one publication. It is a ‘continent’ of one billion people, with several thriving fashion industries. Mentalities and aesthetics vary and cannot be summed up into a single magazine. That is no different from the ignorant western propagandized image of the continent; largely believed everyone in Africa is the same because of the color of their skin, or that we all live rural and are poor and have aids. Africa is developed beyond those stereotypes, and Nigeria and Senegal’s fashion industries differ the same way South America and North America’s do, who each have individual publications. Keep that in mind, and be sure to add at least 900,000,000 people to the spectrum. Africa is large and diverse.

     Secondly the European fashion industry is notoriously racist and has already successfully established mental diaspora and served many Africans with an identity crisis. If Condé Nast were to invest in a publication they would monopolize the advertising industry and keep homegrown African brands and products from flourishing, and fashion industries in Africa from boosting their respective economies. As well as reinforce negative stereotypes about beauty. My favorite thing to do while in the west, is to open up a glossy magazine sporting a sickly thin pale faced Euro girl on its cover, to an image of a black girl in black face (African garb) or worse; a collar around her neck.  It is bad enough that many African countries are still recovering from colonialism and reestablishing a sense of law and order, and begging to develop their resources, which have been heavily manipulated by western influence. Africa doesn’t need any more westernization, i.e. theft of identity or dictatorship of industry. We have enough problems with dictators as it is. I have not set out to be rude or belittle your point of view, but please educate yourself before speaking about my country.   That said thank you for recognizing that we do indeed have a beauty industry but it does not need the ramification of Vogue, and certainly not to be exploited by the western world.    

    • thephotographer4you

      Thank you for your comment. No I am not offend nor do I mind your honesty…you opened my eyes! I salute you for speaking up about Africa….