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Photo: Delores Randall grew up in this house, the house still sitting there since August 2009, Trevose, PA


Above is the home I grew up in and I’ve seen many folks passed through these blessed doors. This home was built in 1919 or before based on my recollection. Proud of it too…. HA!

I am 47 years old. Lived long enough to distinguish bullshit from factual rhetoric rants and raves. I can attest that I’ve watch working class folks in my own family tree  during my lifetime folks being spoon fed the bullshit. Worked themselves to the bone I tell you. You know the American Dream that we all work hard to obtained?  Some folks call it luck if you become an millionaire, some of us folks lean on the bible touted as blessings. But what is the real deal to obtaining the allege “American Dream”? That dream that so many folks tell some of us to chase? YURP…that dream. Some of us folks never get pass working entry level salaries nor get an chance at making nor breaking one million dollars in an check to carry and deposit into our bank accounts. That dream. Some folks claim it is not about money? Oh really now. Tell that to the banker that holds the mortgage, the administration that want the tuition check, the grocery store that want money when you purchase the produce, the creditors that one borrowed money for bullshit items and goods. Tell them “I am seeking the American Dream” that someone told you along the path and can I get an waiver until I obtain it?

Proverbial bullshit. It is an sad ephinany to wake up one day and realize you have been had and duped. Damn shame….and the joke is on us and me. Maybe  I am simply being cynical today but all I know is shit is deep during this recession. I have always heard the slogan “blame it on the black guy”  and when given a chance it will be blamed on the black man. We have an black man in office for the first time during my lifetime. 43 Presidents were white and all of sudden this black man attempts to fix shit. Stuff is wrong. What about all the shit left on that black mans desk? What about the prior Presidents that ruled the United States? Clearly folks can not be that blind to believe that one man, one black man caused the fall of the United States?

  •  The house with the white picket fence
  • Purchase an home and you have arrive but no one told you about the maintenance cost
  • Go to college and you will get an job that will make you arrive rant
  • We are better than them because we are middle class rant
  • It is us against dem rants
  • Save your money cause it will triple rant
  • Stereotypical bullshit rant and raves, generational views and theology
  • All that typical rant and raves stuff that continue the racial discourse among ourselves
family American Folks Have Been Spoon Fed Rhetoric

family © Delores Randall

I am angry that someone lied to me. Namely the top 1 percent of the elite class that wealth will trickle down if I work hard.  The only thing that trickled down is an bunch of lies to the working class American people is an bunch of lies to bait us to fight among ourselves and to make us all give one another an side eye.

ENOUGH ALREADY! Open your eyes and see it for what it really is….we are the 99 percent working ourselves to the bone to make the 1 percent wealthy while we fight among ourselves. American and folks around the globe have been fed the proverbial bullshit.

Do I sound like an angry black woman? So what. Somebody lied to me and I want to know who? What do I tell the next generation? To follow my path when I have nothing to give them except some bullshit someone sold me? Do I tell them how I borrowed to survive, do I tell them I took out student loans to fund my education, do I tell them the last 43 presidents had my back while folks talk smack about the first African American president in office? What do I tell the next generation? After all they are next on line to listen to the proverbial rant that “American Folks Have Been Spoon Fed”. You know the rant about the “AMERICAN DREAM”! Is this only exclusive to black folks? Is that an race thing? Am the last one to know? What do I tell the next generation when it is their turn to jump through hoops for the “American Dream”? Believe in the imaginary proverbial dream. It will take you as far as Mitt Romney and just perhaps if you’re lucky enough you may jump through an hoop high enough to get into the 1 percent circle? What do I tell the next generation and what will you tell your offspring?

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