A Real Diamond vs. A Simulated Diamond

By now everyone should know that the crown awarded at the Miss USA competition to put on the head of the new Miss USA, Kristen Dalton was made by Diamond Nexxus. The crown used in the pageant contains 1,936 diamonds created by Diamond Nexus Labs using crystals grown in laboratories in New York, Austria and Siberia. Diamond Nexus has has a deal to create the crowns and tiaras for the Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants for at least the next two years. The Miss USA crown contains 10.5 ounces of solid 18-carat gold and platinum and 166 carats of simulated diamonds and emeralds and is said to be valued at $202,000. The next time your drooling over someone wearing expensive jewelry you just might be looking at Carat, Gemesis or Diamond Nexxus Labs diamonds. Jewels are not what they use to be and nowadays how do you justify spending an house on one ring? Going green never looked this good…now you can look like a million dollars or feel like one for a minute without breaking the bank or doing damage to your credit line. With marriages lasting a good 5-7 years this may be the alternative to spending ridiculous sums of money on a ring that a girl will walk away with…..just a thought!

Video from Diamond Nexxus Labs creating the “Crown.”

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