Folks “Stay Up”

Kanye West is really a talented musician, producer, writer, actor, performer, entrepreneur and a whole lot of other things too! I love this video, “Stay Up”, it is funny, comical, entertaining and had my head bopping to the beat. “Stay Up” can mean a lot of different things to different people. In this video it is clearly about “Viagra”. I suppose it could be targeted towards the men who take the magical drug that prolongs and give them endurance during the best exercise individuals can do with one another that produce wonderful results if the exercise is performed correctly. It also pokes fun at older gentlemen who are trying to have stamina to bed younger partners. I notice that cougars who date younger men don’t have viagra; well there aren’t any commercials promoting it. What’s up with that….Stay up folks!


WSHH VideoTUBE – “The CNN Of Urban Media”

Kanye West University

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