Cassie Gets Proverbial Verbal Beatdown

Charlamagne the god’s morning show (WPHI 100.3 The Beat in Philly) gave Cassie, who is signed to Bad Boy or Diddy’s chick on the download the proverbial beat down on his morning show. She took the tongue lashing in stride sounding unbelievably demure and an extremely timid composure considering she has spread eagle photos spread on the Internet worldwide. I would have not thought of her being that timid and Charlamange the God didn’t either. He had some good points about attention getting fall through and that being her intent for the hack images hitting the Internet. Dude is not known for being tactful during his interviews. He puts Cassie and Diddy out there on blast street without breaking a sweat. Despite being told we don’t know you or remember who you are by one caller, Cassie kept it moving. That how it be when you run with the billionaire boys club…you let that shit roll of your back. Kudos for Cassie for keeping her head up during this interview which sounds like an in your face bashing. Charlamagne could have really came hard but he was gentle in comparison to his other interviews I have heard on the Wendy Williams show. Negative or positive publicity is better than no publicity. She can always a model if her singing career falls off a cliff. I don’t know about shaving off the side of the head cause that look will get old real soon. “This Must Be Love” is a nice track and got me singing that to my man! Its is very sexy and steamy with a private message between her and Diddy. Must be love….I ain’t mad at her for sleeping with Diddy……it is what it is ya’all!

The Interview that might have made her want to cry when she got home.

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