Beautiful Black Blue Skin Woman

blk woman Beautiful Black Blue Skin Woman

Her skin is very pretty n even tone. As a black woman….I’ve notice that black women are taught to hate themselves. Not I. NOPE. I love this lovely lady skin as much as I love white women skin tone women that take care of themselves. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I wonder when I read comments when dem peeps spew hateful comments WTH is going on with dem peeps. Self hatred……is a disease. Justsaying….to thine own self be true.

Image snatched off of Beautiful Black Women Facebook page.

I love her skin color. She is darker than me. Dang….sometimes I can’t stop staring in the mirror at myself! If my skin was this dark. I would have a mirror in my hand 365/24/7….looking at myself talking dang girl when God made me, he may a mighty fine thing. This woman is gorgeous. 

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