White America Is Losing Their Mind Over A Black President

white american White America Is Losing Their Mind Over A Black President

I am slightly exaggerating with the headline title of my blog post. Satirically that is what the title of “The Village Voice” is implying with their story “White America Has Lost Its Mind” and the caricature picture on the cover of white folks in straight jackets gritting their teeth. I ain’t saying I agree with the New Yorkers writers but hell one does have to wonder? One would have to wonder if there may be some truth to the statement. Since President Obama has taken office, their has been more folks screaming some pretty foul shit the can cause a revolt this country has not seen since the civil rights era. Blame it on the staggering unemployment, not enough money in our pockets to go out to party, foreclosures, divorce, suicides, the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. Nothing has change but the cost of living and just another day for poor folks while we watch in horror at the world through our television screens.  I don’t know if it is a white thing but one thing is for certain….they must be talking about the rich white folks, CEO’s who lost their bonuses, the rich who are about to lose their tax benefits, ponzi scams bandits who got caught, drugged out celebrities, wannabee porn stars, groupies outing folks via Facebook and Twitter,  and those tea-baggers who has lost their damn minds.

glass full White America Is Losing Their Mind Over A Black President

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Could it be that at About 12:01 on the afternoon of January 20, 2009, the wealthy white American mentality began to unravel when the new black president let folks in the white house to witness the same shit he has got to clean up? #Justsaying since President Obama has been in office….all kinds of hell has broken lose including the white lies that was kept from the working class folks. You be the judge…the old saying “Blame it on the black dude!” Like I said from the beginning the President of the United States has the hardest job in the WORLD! Can’t a brother just get some love….dang! After the beer bottles were drained, champagne consume, high fives, hugging and kissing the closest person standing next to you on the Washington Mall in the cold, celebrities traveling from all over the world to stand near the first black president for photo opportunities, steak dinners eaten, party sex perform….folks scattered after that New Year’s Eve party that lasted twenty days later. The celebration around the world evaporated by day 101…the first black family step over the threshold to a house full of stinky shit. Half of us would have quit right on the spot and pack up our family and went back to Chicago on the first train running from Washington, D.C.. The million dollar question I want to know is did the newly crown first black president curse folks out once he realized he could have been setup for failure from the start?

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