Not Every Seed Is Created Non GMO

seeds catalogs Not Every Seed Is Created Non GMO

A couple of months ago I started to get my seed catalogs in the mail. Well, well…word on the street not every seed is created non GMO. According to a list compiled by Monsanto Free Seeds. One need to be careful about where they purchase their seeds for the upcoming growing season.

rare seeds Not Every Seed Is Created Non GMO

My favorite seed catalog is Rareseeds. The glossy catalog is a detailed magazine of resourceful information, growing tips and recipes.

Another place worthy of a honorable mention for shopping for seeds is Amazon. Oh baby….

Check out my “Sow a Seed” pinheads.

Print out the list for reference purposes.:

Here are some seed companies. Please let us know of any we missed and we will add them to this list.  Names are in alphabetical order, try to search for a company in your bioregion when possible.  Also, it never hurts to ask any company if they sell any Seminis seeds or seeds from Seminis’ partners. (Sites with asterisks* have the additional approval and endorsement by and verification by recognized leaders in the battle)

 Not Every Seed Is Created Non GMO

*Adaptive Seeds
All Good Things Organic (SW)
*Amishland Seeds
Annapolis Valley Heritage Seed Company
Annie’s Heirloom Seeds
*The Ark Institute
Backyard Beans and Grains Project
*Baker Creek Seed Co. (MW)
Beauty Beyond Belief (BBB Seeds)
*Botanical Interests
Bountiful Gardens
Diane’s Flower Seeds (she has veggies now, too)
*Family Farmer’s Seed Co-op
*Fedco Seed Co.
Garden City Seeds
Gourmet Seed
*Grow Organic
Heirlooms Evermore Seeds
*Heirloom Seeds
Heirloom Solutions
High Mowing Seeds
*Horizon Herbs
Hudson Valley Seed Library
Ed Hume Seeds
J.L Hudson 
Kitchen Garden Seeds
 Kusa Seed Society
Lake Valley Seeds
*Landreth Seeds
Larner Seeds
*The Living Seed Company
*Livingston Seeds
Local Harvest
Moonlight Micro Farm
Mountain Rose Herbs
*My Patriot Supply
Native Seeds  for the Arid Southwest
Natural Gardening Company
New Hope Seed Company
Nichol’s Garden Nursery
*Organica Seed
Organic Sanctuary (SE)
Peace Seeds
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
Prairie Road Garden
Renee’s Garden
Sand Hill Preservation Center
Sage Thymes
*Seed for Security
Seeds Trust
*Select Seeds
Siskiyou Seeds (NW)
*Southern Exposure
*Sow True (SE)
*Sustainable Seed Co
Tiny Seeds
Tomato Fest
Trees of Antiquity
Turtle Tree Seed
*Underwood Garden Seeds
*Uprising Seeds
*Victory Seeds
White Harvest Seed
*Wild Garden Seeds
Wildseed Farms
*Wood Prairie Farm (NE)

Canadian Seed Companies:
Brother Nature
Cubit’s Organics
Greta’s Organic Garden
Heritage Harvest Seeds (ships to Canada only)
Richters Herbs
Salt Spring Seeds
 Seeds of Victoria
 Solana Seeds
Stellar Seeds
Terra Edibles
The Cottage Gardener

Seed Site (Italy)
The Real Seed Catalogue (UK)

Another tool you can use to check up on a seed supplier is supplied by Monsanto’s Seminis themself:

Monsanto and Seminis heirloom seed varieties to watch out for:

First of all, Monsanto or anyone else can’t actually OWN these varieties of seed, but as developers of some of these varieties and as suppliers of them under many different companies it can be hard to tell who owns what.  It does not stand to reason that any crop of these varieties growing today or anytime in the future will be genetically modified in any way.  Some of these varieties can be found without any continuing connection to Monsanto or Seminis but it is important to be a little more cautious with these.

If you are the type of gardener who purchases vegetable seeds or seedlings, including tomato plants from a local garden center, be mindful the varieties you choose. Conversely, you might be placing money into the hands of Monsanto Corporation. Below is the list of Seminis/Monsanto home-garden vegetable variations.  It’s usually best to buy directly from seed farmers and companies that you can trust, but here’s the list just in case.

Source   and read additional information.

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