First Lady Appears On Time

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Due to appear on “Time” today the First Lady brings her smile and point of view. More

“It has been the greatest single benefit of this for us as a family. It means that we see each other every day. And that hasn’t happened for most of the kids’ lifetime.”It’s rare [for most families] to have dad at home for dinner, to see him in the mornings, to have him there when you go to bed at night, just to be able to have the casual conversations that happen about life at dinnertime,” says Mrs. Obama. “That’s been terrific. It’s normal. It’s more normal than we’ve had for a very long time.

“We stay 100 percent in their world all the time. And I don’t know if you understand that, but their lives are very disconnected from this [place]. You can do that with kids when they are young, because they just don’t care.”

President Obama second that with his brief response:

“Among the many wonderful things about being President, the best is that I get to live above the office and see Michelle and the kids every day. I see them in the morning. We have dinner every night. It is the thing that sustains me.”

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