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It would be safe to say that some “women” should not leave their house without makeup unless they are extremely confident…huh mane. The average women today could use some concealer, moisturizer, mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow. I am simply stating that those images you see that are “Photoshop” are deceitful and misleading to say the least. Imagine the numerous of young girls, boys, men and women that strive to bring the perfect face forward in public and the green screen? Hmmmmm… is high time that women and men show their real faces without makeup coverage to let young, older women and men that the secret behind the glamour is makeup, a good photographer and “Photoshop”, #justsaying anyone can be a star shining given the opportunity. Based on this cover….ole’girls are just like you and me without makeup…go figure! Do you really think women wake up glamorous and gorgeous?



Jocelyn Wildenstein Digital Photo of the Day | Stars Without Makeup

Truth be told..a lot of folks can use mascara, lipstick and regular dental checkups. I sure as hell can use a tube of lipstick, mascara, eyeshawdow, and councelor….uh huh! A good moisturizer with sunscreen works wonders for any skin of any ethnic group from any age group men or women. One should get annual dental checkups and annual blood work as they get older to make sure every thing is fluid.  Make sure your stats namely your bloodwork are documented for general purposes. Nature beauty is fleeting…take care of your skin and health underneath all the makeup. Drink plenty of water, pop a multivitamin, eat plenty of greens, watch your weights as you get older, check out the moles on your skin to make sure they are not cancerous, brush your teeth and avoid plastic surgery like the plague. This is especially true to women that may keloid or scar very easily….that is the part the “Star” magazine article left out in their outing of women without makeup….go figure!

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