Is Trayvon Martin Special? Why Do We Care?

dee Is Trayvon Martin Special? Why Do We Care?


The million dollar question of the moment. Why is the ruling about “Trayvon Martin” special and garnering world wide attention?

Why do we care about Trayvon Martin? First of all there is a “Trayvon Martin” in everyone’s family. I don’t care what your race. Some folks experienced the lost of a young soul under the age of 17 years old gone to soon at the hands of gun violence within their own family tree. How about dat for starters. Huh?

cousins marqel Is Trayvon Martin Special? Why Do We Care?

I lost my baby cousin that turned 18 years old a few years ago at the hands of a random gun shooter.Never had a chance to attend college or go to the movies that fateful evening. A generation removed from the family tree. In the streets of Philadelphia. Cousins and his childhood friends were minding their own business, sitting on a stomp…Cousin was about to go to a movie with his childhood friends. Gun fire sprayed into the crowd by a gunman. Did not see the bullet coming his way. Listening to tunes on his iPhone. Innocent soul gone too soon.  He was a “Trayvon Martin. Our family was devastated.

tray tray Is Trayvon Martin Special? Why Do We Care?

Trayvon Martin

Folks around the globe are tired and wary of gun violence across the globe and around the world. That is why.

  • First of all it is not about being special. In my humble opinion folks are aware or waking up to the laws in our society. It appears to be a race thing or simply a “black” thing. I think not….it is a people issue around the globe. Folks have been getting shot at, murdered senselessly in their own backyards, black on black, white on white, black and white crimes and terrorist have been gunning down folks in the streets generation after generation. No one has mutter a squeak nor a pin drop can be heard in the building.
  • Trayvon Martin may be the case that wake folks out of their slumber. Folks have been sleep at the wheel far too long.
  • The dialogue about racial disparity in America, black on black crime, white on black crime and terrorist crimes occuring around the globe has never taken place.
  • 17 years old is still consider a child in our society. Ummmm….Trayvon Martin was a child despite how the picture is being painted, sketched or viewed. That could have been a white, purple, green or blue child gunned down in the streets of our society.
  • Lest you have forgotten. Folks with gunned down over 300+ black folks in the streets of Tulsa. Folks ask why are folks mad? What is interesting about the “Tulsa”race riot incident is those folks were still brave despite it all. They kept pushing n prevailing forward despite the hate.
  • What I find very strange is no one wants to have a “real” conversation about racial disparity and discourse in American culture.
  • What is it about “race” and the treatment of minorities in this country that makes folks tell minorities to shut up?
  • Why are black folks killing one another?
  • Why are folks allowed to get away with killing black folks?
  • Why are black folks being treated poorly in the judicial system and not given a fair shake?
  • Why, why, why why and why is the racial conversation being brush aside as a nagging conversation as if it does not have any significant? WHY?
  • Why are minorities being labeled differently then other ethnic groups? WHY?
  • Why are black folks killing one another?
  • Why are black folks against one another? WHY?
  • Who determines the images of a thug or a murderer in our country?
  • Why is Trayvon labeled as a thug wearing a hoodie? The KKK wore hoodies….what do you call that group?
  • Why are blacks and white skinned folks being pitted n divided?

By now everyone and their mother and father should know blacks came to America forcefully on slave ships, have not been entitled to any reparations or any apology from any government agency. At some point…..someone must still ask and hold a municipality accountable? I would think it is imperative that we all have open dialogue if we are going to move forward in this country and around the globe?

At the end of the day if I had to keep it 300 percent real. Black folks are a kind spirit that have endured a lot of shit at the hands of monsters. We are a forgiving bunch. I just want to say for my ancestors. We forgive you America but we ain’t stupid nor do we understand such hatred from a bunch of human beings that claim they practice humanity.

On the da real….lets spew about injustices towards gays and women around the globe? How bout that conversation? I get it today is not a good day. Let’s spew about dem church folks that purport to love God but on the other hand condemn others. Uh huh….I see how it is. Assout to dem folks that don’t follow the asinine crowd. Whatever…boo do you.

Note this bantering rant while you’re reading.: The civil rights generation of yesteryear are getting old, wary and are on their last leg.

Who will take the torch to continue to speak up against the injustices for today’s and tomorrow generation?

Who is going to “Stand their ground” for Americans and foreigners against injustices in your city, country or state? You?

Every one of us are a “Trayvon Martin” that could be going to the store to purchase a bottle of soda, beer, champagne, candy bar, lipstick, perfume, food or whatnot….justsaying. OPEN YOUR MIND N HEARTS. PRAY THAT YOU WILL NEVER BECOME A VICTIM THAT WILL BE A TRAYVON THAT WILL NEVER BE REPORTED ON MAINSTREAM NEWS.

Quite as it is kept….all us wear hoodies on our heads around our hoods.

delores randall Is Trayvon Martin Special? Why Do We Care?

What is disappointing is the disparity in numbers touted#statistically in the #mainstream #news between the ethnic groups. If I did not know any better. I would think something or someone is attempting to start a race war with #black people or non white #minorities? I never understood how black folks could be such badasses when we are the smallest minority group of all ethnic races. How is it possible that a 14 percent or less population of black folks causing all of the strife in the world? Ummmmm…..I can’t wrap my head around that arithmetically. YET blacks get blame for everything that befalls most ethnic groups with those ethnic groups that will not and do not take any responsibility nor accountability for the demise of their own groups or the destruction of black folks demise in this country? I get that their are black on black crimes that blacks need to address. Henceforth what about other groups really addressing racial disparity, hatred n all the asinine ish that folks consistently perpetuate in our society?

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