Butler.: Whassup My “NIGGAH”!

lee daniels Butler.: Whassup My NIGGAH!

Nah mane….what we not gonna do is pretend racism is not alive n never left the building. Lee Daniels spew “White People Love Black Folks when they call black folks a “nigga” according to HSK.

Dude ain’t lying. Just telling it like it tis….dem white peeps that love my black, charcoal n black cocoa brown skin. THANK YOU.

Fresh off the goddamn boat ain’t happening in the 21st century. Immna say this get your asses in your hoods n recognize da people….you heard B.

Tell you out the gate. I ain’t dat niggah bitch…K. No back wood bitch nor trollop n doll take offense to all dis asinine conversation. Do not give a rats tail if you’re black n white…..NAH! I am on some global shit,,,,YOU? Otherwise come n hunt dis rabbit(putting it kindly. WATCH Da Vide0

Know who you working n spewing to poppy n momma n kids wet behind the ears…YEAH!! How you do your business baby!…Taste like chicken boodie boo n mofo. HA! I mean dat shit too…YURP! Don’t fucks with a niggah that got a clue. K…..boo.

Don’t f’ng sleep….a lot of folks spew the word “nigger”, you my “niggah” what’s up my “nigga”, whaddup my niggah, how you b my niggah, where you be my niggah…YO niggah and whatnot my niggah spew in a exchange of greeting. Don’t front…. The word “Nigger” has def taken on a new meaning during the 21st century.

I am the first one to spew about yesteryear history on the street about “black history n racism in America. But what we not gonna do is front n turn a different face like folks are not spewing the word “Nigger” n what it do my “niggah”. What it do n what you say about dat word dem peeps calling each other “nigger” n whatnot. Huh? Who…What? What we not gonna do in the 21st century is front for asinine asswipes n but cloths. NOPE! WHY should folks not spew the truth of the alledgedly powerful “N” word that makes some colored folks cower, hidein a corner n feel embarrassed. FUCK YOU.

I am a descendant of those black folks that endured being called a nigger. TWO WORDS…FUCK YOU. Dat word “NIGGER” has no power over my head. Matter of fact I need to create a decal n wear it around my hood. Who you calling a “Nigger”? Lest you forget n forgot. You is is “Nigger” too biddy n mofo. Get in line with the rest of us niggahs. YOU HEARD>then I need to pray with them n ask what goddamn memo you reading?

How bout dat my niggah’s?

Let’s talk about dat word that some folks bow down too n some of us 21st century peeps stick our middle finger up to n say what it do? HUH?

Really who you calling a nigger dog? What it do my niggah….what up my niggah? Terms that got folks panties in a bunch n up in a roar. What about screaming about your food, poverty n financial disparity? Huh? What about dat shit? Let’s all have that conversation.

I see what it do my niggah….don’t wake ner niggah up. Sheeple sleep…you heard! Damn shame some of dem niggahs forgot to read the memo. Reading is fundamental I say…but what do I know. I am a niggah to some folks that troll the earth. Whatever…do you my niggah. Do you….

Side note: If you’re ass ain’t at the top of the 1% percent food chain. YOU IS A NIGGA…you heard. Don’t sleep my niggah. HA!

Has anyone thought for one moment dat dem folk that were treated like niggers are glad we are finally spewing about dem niggahs n what they endured. That includes everybody. Don’t get it twisted….to the 1% everybody around the globe is a niggah that is not in their club. Betta recognize….UMPH!

Footnote: Now we all suppose to pretend that racism did not occur in America. Ummmm where they do that shit at and who are those people. What about that? Where they do that at my niggah? Huh…who are those sheeple my niggah? Huh?

YO Butler….I need a butler, maid, housekeeper, administrative assistant n house manager. I don’t give a fuck what their race. How about that for them niggah moments? Now can a niggah get paid for their services? F what you heard on the goddamn street. YURP…said it n ain’t taking it back. How bout that? Matter of fact “I need someone to pick up my dog shit”. Gurl need help in the 21st century….YOU?

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