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NWO means alot of different shit to a lot of folks but what does it mean to folks who have been on earth longer than 21 years old? Comments welcome….

I keep spewing to y’all it is a new day aka 21st century communication n folks are spewing in a space not comparable to most folks of yesteryear. Come on people…turn up the channel n turn up the dial….tune into the 21st century communication.

What’s happening brother n sister?

What is NWO?

What is conspiracy theory?

What is New World Order?

How do we define hatred in the 21st century?

Why are we still spewing a communication that does not fit into the 21st century….huh? WHY????

What are the children that live in their parents cribs on some different shit?

What are bigots spewing in the 21st century that was considered racist language yesteryear?

Who are racist n what do they represent in the 21st century?

What should we consider racist that are on asinine ish….despite their ethnicity? Just asking?

A new day they say. A black president but yet the conversation n behavior sound off like the back woods of yesteryear n slavery…..UMPH! Oh really now……sound like there are some folks are living in the pass n the old guard still man the watch tower….conspiracy theorist may have a point n nobody wants to rock the boat…..ENOUGH!

What will happen….dem old guards will die out n dem children will be voted in to watch the manor? Lest folks spew n spat n stand. HA…..we shall see. Clean da house….time for a new guard…..seriously.

Imma speak for those peeps that do not have a voice….grandmother, grand pop, uncle, aunt n cousin n sista n brother n son n daughters of tomorrow….K.


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