Women Who Snapped

I often ponder the thought what would make a women just “Snap”, lose her mind and kill her partner? On the Oxygen channel the show “Snapped” is having a marathon today about several cold cases about women who basically lost their mind and killed their man. This must see television for women who are considering taking a gun or sledge hammer to your mans head what and where you may end up for life. The law will lock your ass up for life. Now there are a few cases that make me scratch my head…the ones who appears to get away with murder. I ain’t even go try what they did because the law has not been known to be lenient toward African Americans when it comes to committing murder. Now before you get your panties in a bunch…know that I can only speak from an African American women perspective who have seen, read and watched on the television the penalties that have been handed out by judges. Once that gavel goes down after you have been charge with murder, you can appeal all you want to and until your skin turns blue. At that point you better get your soul right with your maker because he may be the only one willing to listen to what you have to say about repenting for your crime. In another words take all that rage and run around the block before thinking about taking a human beings life. No one is above the law when it comes to committing a crime that results in death of another person. Their lies the evidence that I personally think is hard to justify unless their are witnesses who can attest to your innocence. I mean a lot of witnesses too!

Most recently our family suffered a lost in Philadelphia of an 18 year old male. He was my cousin who was shot randomly by another young man who simply wanted to shoot someone that day. I am not going to try to write about how that is going because the wheels of justice turn very slowly. The dude and his friend started shooting into the crowd. My cousin and his friends were getting ready to go to the movies. My cousin did not hear the shooting at first because he had was listening to his IPOD while he sat on the stoop while waiting for his friend to come outside. When he realized what was happening, he started to run away from the scene and was shot in the buttock and other parts of his body. He fell to the ground and his friends put him in their car. He was DOA on arrival. I feel for my cousin’s mother and those young kids who had to witness the death of their childhood friend. When asked by a judge, the young cat said he didn’t even know my young cousin. He just wanted to shoot someone that day. Sometimes life just ain’t freaking fair and there are some circumstances beyond our control. I want to believe that our destiny is pre-ordained and have already has been established by an higher power. Our steps are ordered by the Lord! May my cousin Marquell young soul rest in peace

Women Who Snapped!

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