WATCH | Nancy Grace Prosecutes Lindsay Lohan

Somewhere Lindsay Lohan is screaming at the telephone screen calling Nancy Grace everything but the child of God. Nancy Grace is dead on about her assessment about Lohan and disparity of sentencing of an working class person caught up in the judicial system. Buzz on the cyber streets is Lohan may really be in trouble this time for violating her probation.
Lindsay Lohan 16 WATCH | Nancy Grace Prosecutes Lindsay Lohan

I believe celebrities get into so much trouble because they think the rules don’t apply to them,” Nancy said. “I think it becomes instinct that they can do, say whatever they want, and there’s no repercussions.

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Let’s just say you send a black girl into that same jewelry story, or an uneducated person or a poor person, they come away with a $2,500 necklace, honey, they would be thrown down on the asphalt and dragged by their feet back into the store and prosecuted!

Expect to hear Nancy Grace cover intense cases and she tells the New York Post’s Michael Starr by using her nightly HLN show to shine light on these games.

“We just covered, in one week, two mothers. One let her infant drown in the tub while she was on Café World. She said the child was independent and wanted ‘alone time.’ At 14 months? They do not want alone time in the bathtub. In the other case, the child was between 9 and 14 weeks. The baby, Dylan, was crying and the mom was on FishVille. The baby was crying and she hit the baby in the head with the computer and killed it.”

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