T.D. Jakes Tell It Like It Is….Get A Bucket of Blood! Save Yourselves…Pray for Everybody!

hqdefault T.D. Jakes Tell It Like It Is....Get A Bucket of Blood! Save Yourselves...Pray for Everybody!

Preach Bishop….I need a bucket of truth and send me a bucket of that blood too! I need a whole bucket of blood to splash on everyone I know…lord knows we are an imperfect bunch of folks! I am totally in agreement with Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon. What the heck is he suppose to say about the allegations? I am sure he is as surprised as everyone of us to hear about the First Baptist boys clubs in the backrooms of the church. What would be more surprising is if the folks at the church knew about and said nothing until the story broke. Folks who live in denial even if the snake bit them on the nose type of folks. You know those sort of folks who jump on the first band wagon of a scandal and controversy to appear perfect than the individual accused. The perfect person who has done no wrong doing in their entire life. Those folks who sat back and whispered in the corner type of folks but did not come forward until now. The folks who think because your forthright and candid than they are ever willing to be type of folks but talk behind your back type of folks. The perfect people with no skeletons in their perfectly organized closet type of folks. The parents who allowed this type of behavior to go in their own crib type of folks but has a lot to say about other folks kids type of folks. You know who they are….they sit up in church every Sunday snickering and sneering type of folks. Shame on them and shame the devil! At the end of the day the truth about Bishop Eddie Long and his accusers will be revealed. In the meantime, we can kiki, speculate, tease, get angry and point the fingers with the blame game. The truth will win in the end. Have mercy on the boys, the church family and Bishop Eddie Long…..cause they are all going to need it along with a bucket of blood that T.D. Jakes mentions in his Youtube video. What type of response do folks expect from these men of God who serve the church community? Do we expect them to appease us with denying any wrong doing? Bishop Eddie Long has obviously answer his interrogatories to the courts and the accusers that served the sexual allegations complaint. The burden of proof is on the accusers and the scandal will be played out in a court system. Every individual is entitled to answer, deny and defend themselves against any wrong doing in the judicial court system. I know one thing for certain…I am getting my popcorn, reading about it and watching to see how to this play out in a courtroom of law. This story right here will affect the black church community and the folks who don’t already attend church will be using this scandal to continue to not have a spiritual relationship with God! Those are not my words but the words from comments that are being posted under Youtube videos, Twitter and Facebook.

This is a very interesting story for a number of reasons:

The black church community and black folks has always had issues with homosexuality and anything that was not related to a spiritual foundation took a back seat. If you had a gay relative, family member or friend, that individual had to pretend to be in the closet around those folks who did not accept their alternative lifestyle. Folks may suspected if a person was gay but it is never openly discussed with anyone in the family structure nor the church. If you ask someone is “is so and so gay?” The reply is “I don’t know!” A blind person could see it from a distance but no one within a particular black family can see it up close and personal. The denial is strong and strange to say the least. I ponder about my own family dialogue about the topic of homosexuality ever coming up in discussion? Never….and never will unless they come to grips with their own reasoning and understanding of the topic. I have this odd feeling that it may have something to do with if your associating with any gay individual than you too may be considered gay? Gay people have weird lifestyles? How can that person be gay? God does not accept homosexuality? The bible preaches against homosexuality along with a entire slew of issues that most folks practice in our society. Now the phrase that it is in the bible has been my own personal struggle for a long time and once in a while I still have a problem wrapping my head around that scripture? Leviticus 18:22 The assumption that the Bible condemns homosexuality is passed down from generation to generation with very little personal study or research. One thing is for certain is that we tend to use the bible to appease ourselves and justify our behaviors. I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to marry my husband when he first ask me for my hand in marriage due to his divorce status….Jeez! My husband’s father was a pastor…you know what some folks say about marrying a pastor son? Yeah right! As if the son is suppose to be holier than thou because of his father’s chosen profession. You have folks going to church and only carry their bibles. The only time they hear scripture is when the preacher quotes it from the bible. In the Catholic community they don’t read the bible…the interpretation of the bible is read to parishioners during mass. Imaging my surprise when I learned that this year. Another thing I learned about church when I moved to my community where I currently resides is that most folks don’t spend all day in church either. My spiritual walk has definitely shifted over the last two years. What does gay look like according to a preacher? This dude has a few words about homosexuality being practiced in the black church.

I learned about homosexuality at a very young age because I had an out of the closet gay brother and friends. I was exposed to the lifestyle in terms of meeting gay people, going to clubs, having dinner and built wonderful friendships along the way. If I had to be extremely honest gay people were the most honest and truthful individuals than most of my straight friends. No one has ever came onto me who lived an alternative lifestyle…at least the girls anyway, I can’t say the same for the gay down-low men. I personally never witness any wrong doing, sexual behavior, tongue kissing and deviant behavior amongst gay people nor any of my family members. This shit about gay people had to be touch in an inappropriate manner to imply a borderline discussion of pedophile is bullshit. Your gay, straight, transgender or bi-sexual. Period….the pedophile behavior is a topic that stands on its own. I am a firm believer that it is your choice. I recently had a female cousin of mine come out the closet several years ago. There was no discussion about it. She showed up one day with her girlfriend at a family dinner and no one said shit! Again a blind person could see she was gay…I think the issue for her and her mother was the fact no one was discussing it openly. There was that wavering thought about how did she come to the conclusion she was gay because she had been straight all her life and she had two children? Hell if I know but one thing for certain is that she had a girlfriend and did not give a damn about what any one of us thought about her or her girlfriend.

I am glad this scandal hit the airwaves….it is about time the discussion about homosexuality is openly aired out once and for all in the black church. The dialogue about acceptance of the LGBT community within the black church community need to be address by the head and leaders of the church community. There will be generation after generation of children growing up in the church that are reared in a society that is constantly changing. The church perspective may need to grow globally and learn how to educate our youth based on what is happening today. We have more black folks dying from HIV/AIDS and black women are the fastest growing group to be dying from the incurable disease. Is it because of their lack of knowledge or their own ignorance to confront the topics of safer sex? Is it because they are sleeping with folks that they are not aware of their own status, are they too hiding behind religion as the basis for their own decisions concerning their partners? One would have to question their reasoning and thinking when dealing with such topics as AIDs, HIV, marriage, questioning their own partners behavior and taking back authority with their children while rearing them in their homes? You have folks running around on the downlow, folks hiding who they are because of shame, folks marrying for folks for show and just some downright secretive shit going on behind closed doors. You have couples afraid to discuss the topic about sexuality and getting tested because they are married? I personally believed that everyone should be required to be tested starting at the age the child appears to be sexually active, checked annually despite your marriage status and simply for GP. It is time folks start addressing who they are and what they want to do and who they want to do it with in the black community. Until the issues of homosexuality is addressed there will be more types of scandals like these hitting the airways and folks will continue to use the very thing that we stand against us as a weapon. The woe as me go out the door when one chose to practice ignorance.

Now ain’t this some shit…here you have the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal knocked down, Bush standing in a picture with Bishop Eddie Long, Gay marriage being a long and drawn out battle, a first black president in the white house, unemployment at an all time high, folks losing their homes, war, credit problems, bailouts, and tea partyers calling the president everything but a child of God. Something is clearly wrong with this picture. We constantly get side tracked with these type of scandals…forget that we need to stay focus on the real issues and wake up the next day when the vote has been casted. If your smart, you will keep your mind focus and remain stead fast in your own personal issues. Let them folks figure out their own shit. I am the last person to judge Bishop Eddie Long and neither are any of the haters and naysayers coming out of the wood works all of a sudden.

Remember voting is in November….will you be standing in that line? Will you be throwing darts at the President, Bishop and anyone who does not believe in your way of thinking? Will you jump onto the next I feel like a good time moment or teabag moment? Personally, I can give a damn who an individual bed down…I care more about issues about safe sex, employment, education, politics, equal opportunity for everyone and remaining sane. One thing you can be certain about….take a look in the mirror, your bank account, refrigerator, closet and ask yourself have your life changed or grew since the last administration? I sure as hell don’t see any real solid proof of how my life was any better when the last administration was in the house. Except a whole lot of scandalous issues fell on the new administration..example, shady credit practices, higher interest rates, predatory lending, ponzi scandals, a war that was unnecessary and  a whole lot of shit President Obama is trying to clean up. About now I don’t give a damn about anyone one being gay and I never will!

On a side note: Be real careful when you start judging folks because your stinky shit you have hidden in your closet has not been revealed to the world. It is real easy to talk about other folks flaws, faults and fuckups but when that very same shit hit your door. Would you be quick to run to the pulpit and admit your innocence in front of a group of vultures ready to eat your ass for dinner? #Justsaying it is real easy to judge others but one thing is for certain….no man is without sinful behavior and trust me. We all will be held accountable for our decisions, no man on this earth was ever given the authority to judge another nor put their own ass on a pedestal!

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