Your Screwed If You Get Locked Up Abroad

A passport might not mean shit if your locked up abroad for allegedly participating in illegal behavior and activity. Tonight’s Premier “Locked Up Abroad” aired on National Geographic. This is must see television for all people around the globe. The show profiles the harrowing true stories of foreigners who have been arrested or kidnapped while abroad. The episode kicks off in Peru, with Locked Up Abroad Cuzco.

Through drinking and drugs, Sarah racks up a debt. Unable to repay the loan shark she must go to Peru and bring back two suitcases of cocaine. To avoid suspicion, she invites Simon – an innocent-looking man she met at a bar who is clueless about her intentions. As she attempts to smuggle the coke on the return flight, she is detained, and she and Simon are thrown into jail. Sarah accepts full responsibility, but Simon is still trapped in a legal limbo, unable to leave until final sentencing.

Getting locked up is no joke, it doesn’t give you street cred.  The conditions are deplorable, rough and they don’t give a damn about your innocence once your locked up. Do you notice how they are smiling while checking ole’ girls luggage. That right there tells me that your f*@k if your locked up abroad! I wonder after watching this real life reality television; willit  slow down alot of folks from traveling abroad without checking out their partners luggage?

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