Digital Photo of the Day | Is this Police Brutality?

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The disturbing photograph showed up in my new stream on my Facebook wall. Is this police brutality? Does anyone deserved to be bash in the face to the point of blindness by law enforcement? What is horrific about the image is the bludgeon that was obviously done to this young man face particularly is his eyes fill with blood bulging from his eye sockets that been reportedly the cause of his blindness. The injuries made this man unrecognizable and his lips swollen… the young man was mistaken for someone else? Why are police that continually are the bad seeds of the police force allowed to get away with such horrific behavior? Any thoughts? Are your tongues glued to the back of your mouth? Speechless…..

Description of the photo.:

The Police Officer who did this got 1 week paid leave, the guy is now blind in both eyes and can not prove what officer did this to him. Hospital bills in excess of $190k he has no health insurance, and the department said they are not responsible for his bills, the man injured was suspected of shoplifting and refused to co-operate with the police when asked to comply, this is what he got. He was later cleared from the shoplifting charge cause he was not the Black male they were looking for!

Local police incident that needs to be address.:

Police in Prince George’s County, Maryland are investigating an apparent case of police brutality after cops in riot gear attacked a University of Maryland student — unprovoked — following a basketball game on campus last month….

What is disturbing is cases of police brutality are happening around the world. Folks attempt to shut down the conversation that these are racial profiling and reflects incidents of racial discourse with civilians and law enforcement but is there any other way to look at these cases of brutality?

Race, police brutality allegations rock Alabama city (

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