In Case You Missed It | ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story’

I did not get a chance to watch the “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story last night when it premiered on VH1 on Oct. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 CTVH1. I did not get a chance. I was too busy snapping string beans and canning Cherry Apples in my kitchen.

Definitively a must watch. I remember the young ladies going through drama, trauma, illness, financial ruined despite selling 10 million record, death of a TLC member and heartaches.

Listen to TLC’s “Meant To Be,”

Produced by Pop Films. Directed by Charles Stone III; written by Kate Lanier; Bill Diggins, Ms. Lanier, Maggie Malina, Alexander A. Motlagh, Rozonda Thomas and Tionne Watkins, executive producers; Rick Krim and Jill Holmes, executive producers for VH1; Ms. Thomas and Ms. Watkins, consultants.

WITH: Keke Palmer (Chilli), Lil Mama (Left Eye), Drew Sidora (T-Boz) and Rochelle Aytes (Pebbles).

Damn….$25 a week. Why we not rich yet? I know that is right. Seem like to me from where I am sitting….ummmm Ms. Peaches was a shady doll getting over on naive young ladies. Justsaying…reading is fundamental n having someone to read the contract is imperative in the music industry.

Damn TLC was taken for a ride. Pun intended! We is broke. 10 million albums. TLC is broke. WTF? Music Industry. Team TLC.

I can’t buy my momma a house? WTF? Top selling group of all time. WUV mi some TLC….sure do n did. My favorite girl was “left eye” raw n real attitude. Doll gone too soon. Matter fact of the girls are my favorite. My Auntie passed away from sickle cell anemia.

My jam…NO SCRUBS. NOT! If you would have spoken to your sisters. You would have known Master P was married. HA! Then sis went to Honduras. My lord….tragedy struck TLC just when they were about to struck a $25 million deal. Sadness…..

YEAH….I have a very large family.  I can relate to this story. Tell it TLC!

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