Got Klout? Spreading the +K Juice to Klout Cyberpeeps

 Got Klout? Spreading the +K Juice to Klout Cyberpeeps

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Complainers, disgruntled marketers, SEO experts, Internet superstars and bloggers Klout is here to stay! Klout CEO Joe Fernandez confirmed the funding with All Things D, and said that the round was led by Kleiner Perkins. In October, the company was said to be raising around $30 million at a massive $200 million valuation with Kleiner at the head.

Note that I receive 5-10 +K to hand out daily if I check in daily. I don’t mind spreading the +K juice to Klout peeps. Be patient and I will eventually spread some Klout juice to your topics. I checked into Klout this weekend and this cat put me on a list  People Who Put Me On A List – W/O Giving K … Tse. Basically any Klout peep that did not give him a +K fast enough or when he suddenly showed up on my radar was on the list. Oh really! Jeez! The gall…but oh well. Some folks are totally knee deep into their cyberspace activities and social interaction.


klout small Got Klout? Spreading the +K Juice to Klout Cyberpeeps

Observations about Klout.:

  • Currently Klout favors other geographical areas more than others. This may have something to do with the events and the brands promoting through Klout.
  • Klout scores fluctuate daily. The average score hovers around 20. I don’t lose any sleep over my score and neither should you.
  • Klout Perks are very cool.
  • Note: I will add new Klout peeps to a cyberspace peeps list until I can show some Klout love to one of your topics. Remember I only get 5-10 +K daily to share.
  • Do you want me to give you some +K juice? Feel free to let me know what you would like me to +K via my Facebook or Google profile.
  • When in doubt don’t listen to the Klout naysayers. They’re just pissed off because in their world they are superstars and suddenly they’re Klout influence and their scores say otherwise. Read the Klout blog.
  • Got Klout? Leave a comment with your Klout handle below and I will spread some Klout juice. Before you know…we will be +K all the time on Klout. There are no limits to how many times you can give someone on your list +K juice.
  • Register through my Klout link to get on my radar.
  • Epiphany ~ I am not going to attempt, nor try to figure out who wants some +K juice in my circle or small little world. There are simply too many folks that show thephotographer4you® mad kudos and Klout love for me to be chasing rainbows. Get my drift? If you don’t let me know you exist…well! In my mind you don’t exist in my KLOUT world….justsaying!


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pin it button Got Klout? Spreading the +K Juice to Klout Cyberpeeps
pixel Got Klout? Spreading the +K Juice to Klout Cyberpeeps

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