XHTML Sitemap for Better Indexing of your blog

I switched back to Dagon Design. I notice a lot of people looking for this post. I am posting it again.

When I first started seriously blogging about three months ago I tried out Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.15 Generates a fully customizable sitemap By Dagon Design. I liked it a lot because it is extremely user friendly and easy to setup on your WordPress blog. I still think it is a pretty good sitemap generator for someone who don’t want to mess with the code of their page. Well, I sort of got of really early this morning and the first thing I did was surf the Internet to read about some of the bookmarks of some very interesting sites that have very useful information to make a blog perform better with Google. I read about how to “Use an XHTML Sitemap for Better Indexing” and of course I did not know what that really meant until read it at least three times. I really like it and it does dig deep into your site to list your blog content. I am learning how to code a lot more these days and it is not hard to understand the instructions of any plug-in if the instructions are clear. Oh yeah, the few comments that I did have did not show up on my site-I think I might have missed a step or I need to learn how to download my comments from JS-Kits. The instruction were very easy to follow. I have one suggestion, Copy and paste your code from your page and save the original data in case you don’t get it the first time around. That way your not sitting there without any code for your theme page.php. Not a good look if your like me who has to do things more than once to get it. However, I did follow the instructions step by step and it worked on the first go around.


Please note that J-S Kits comments do not show up on the sitemap. Not sure what is up with that but I get back to u. The comments are still there but maybe the plugin has not been updated to collaborate with the plugins

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