Me Against the World

In loving memory of “Tupac” Me Against the World. This brother was extremely talent and the world lost a gifted artist.

If your going through something this morning. Keep your head up on this cold Monday morning. My thoughts and prayers are with the women and men in the military in Iraq. Women who are being battered. My prayers are with the children around the world who are hungrey from living in impoverished environments. My prayers are with the fathers, mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and friends who loss a love one from a shooting. My prayers are with all of the people in the world who lost a loved one due to War. My prayers are with those are going through something during this difficult time with our economy. My prayers are with those who lost their jobs and their homes. Keep your heads up.

This song is for you! My heart and prayers are for you.

Keep you head up family:

My cousin Monica who lost her 17 year old son “Marcus”; this month from a drive by shooting in Philadelphia, PA Cousin

My great cousin Marge who lost her quadriplegic son “Jammer” this month. He was paralyzed for 20+ years. Hey cuz, he is finally at peace!


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