WATCH | Sex Trafficking Right In Your Backyard

hqdefault WATCH | Sex Trafficking Right In Your Backyard

Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon is speaking out about child sex trafficking.: Sarandon said, Sex trafficking happens everywhere. People profit from it who are also connected to governments. It’s definitely exists within the United States…Kids coming from other countries. The problem exists right here.

Virginia Who knew that an hour from where I lived in Maryland sex trafficking is going on and children are being exploited….babies being sold! Damn shame..#Justsaying #trafficking The domestic minor sex trafficking in fact may go unnoticed when general public as well as law enforcement authorities are unaware that American children can be trafficked just as much as Asians or Russians are.

A new bill was introduced to Congress to help combat the trafficking of American children for sex in the United States. If passed, it would mean more resources for victims, more cash to prosecute people who sell kids, and stricter reporting requirements for missing children. To the tune of 45 million bucks. And the new legislation might also fill in some of the gaping holes that allow trafficked children who are U.S. citizens to be overlooked. You can help make sure this critical legislation becomes law.

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