Video: “The Odd Couple.” featuring “It” and “Tailor Made.”

It is a bit odd watching this Youtube video…the video is obviously made for reality television entertainment and their is the possibility of the show getting picked up by VH1. “The Odd Couple.” This video is featuring Tailor Made visits his friend It’s hood, Ravenswood Projects. As soon as he arrives he gets into an altercation with some locals and gets a taste of “The Thug Life”. Will Tailor survive in It’s environment?I sue to wonder did him and Tiffany Pollard from ” I Love New” and ” Flavor of Love” reality television get it on for real. I can’t picture it in my head and it is not him that I had the issue with….New York is over the top, smoke to many Newport cigarettes, garish, too much makeup for a fashion shoot, perhaps it was her character and it was all about generating viewership for the rating$. The “Odd Couple” comedy will be coming to a station to you in the near future. I really don’t think Tailor Made is a man from the hood despite him coupling up with New York. One thing is for certain is that he has prolonged his 15 minutes of fame. Not bad for a reality geek!

VH1: Above is a new endeavor from Tailor Made and It: an improvised YouTube skit that explores their unlikely friendship. In this premire episode, Tailor Made visits It’s hood and is treated to the world of 40’s and dice. It’s kind of like if Boyz n the Hood were masterminded by VH1, not John Singleton. Boasting production values that rival (if not better) those you’d expect from on-air material, this is perhaps the best use of non-TV time we’ve seen from Celebreality stars yet. Tailor promises that more are on the way. In the next episode, It gets a tan, which in addition to being weird, means we’ll get to see him shirtless again. Best show ever!

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