Using flickr to post pictures into your blog

It is very easy to setup the blogging utility in Flickr to post an image in a blog entry. The size setting can be changed from within the post on your WordPress 2.6.5 blog. Flickr is an online storage for pictures and videos that you can share with the world. I like to think of it as a Flickr myspace for photographers and novices. Go to and click on a picture, than click on blog this and follow the instructions for your specific blog host to setup the tools for blogging. This website is using WordPress 2.6.5 The setup in Flickr was completed within one minute after typing in my website url, login name and password to my website. It is very easy to insert images from Flickr using this handy tool to promote your digital images or use someone else images. If you click on the image in this post you will be directed to flickr that has tons of my digital images. Another tool I enjoy utilizing is the Flickr badge. On the left of this WordPress 2.6.5 blog you can see a strip of my digital images which is setup to show randomly. Follow the instructions and your set to display a badge of your digital images. In the widget are of your WordPress 2.6.5 blog there is a widget call text. Add the widget than open it and insert the html code from Flickr. Your badge will display nicely and will be in line with your other stuff on your blog sidelines.

I was experimenting with a watermark software called Visual Watermark. It is a watermarking software for digital protection. It alleges that it will place watermarks that no one can remove. I found it a lot easier to use than Adobe Photoshop CS3. I tried to use Adobe Photoshop CS3 to watermark my images but found it to be time consuming and it has too many steps to place a watermark on a digital image. I am sure it is easy once you learn the shortcuts and the right steps. My patience is short and I just want to move onto the next thing on my agenda. There are only so many hours in the day. I try to use every minute in a my day. As you can see from the digital image in this WordPress 2.6.5 I used the tile effect. It could use more opacity but I wanted to see if I can notice the watermarks once I uploaded it Flickr. I tend to upload all of my unedited digital images onto Flickr with flaws and all. It truly is one of the best online photo management tools on the Internet.

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