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Ever wanted to translate a WordPress post on your blog but you had to wait for some of the translation tools on your blog to load. KIsh Translate came to the rescue for your WordPress 2.6.3 blog. You can translate in several language on this WordPress blog by clicking on it. There is a pull down drawer to pick your language that you wish to translate. It is a very cool tool to use with your WordPress 2.6.3 blog. I couldn’t resist uploading the translation tool through FTP and activating it on my website once I read its translation capabilities. Once I test drove it and saw it with my own eyes. I was really impress with it translation abilities. I downloaded the WordPress plug-in directly from the Official WordPress website that has KIsh Translate readily available for download. The Translation WordPress Plug-in Using Google Translate was recently updated 10/08. It worked with my WordPress 2.6.3 blog. It did not slow down your blog. This is a very nice WordPress plug-in to integrate into your blog. It will allow global readership of your WordPress blog. Kishore Asokan is the man behind the development of this wonderful WordPress plug-in. Kudos to him and the excellent job with this translation plug-in for WordPress!

These are the languages that the Translation WordPress Plugin Using Google Translate:

Romanian, German, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, French, Spanish, Czech, Italian, Danish, Chinese, Finnish, Romanian, Korean, English and Swedish.

Please note that you may have to install:

Global Translator to enjoy the full benefits of the Translation WordPress Plugin Using Google Translate:

This is a sample page translated in Chinese and French.

[singlepic=50,320,240,,] [singlepic=51,320,240,,]

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