Stats for the month August

 Stats for the month August
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Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you. It has been a year since I have started this blog and I really don’t know the direction it will be going but in the meantime I am simply blogging random thoughts. For a minute there I was getting bored with blogging but you know what…I am inspired by your readership and the few comments. It is my pleasure to read the comments. I must say I did get a boost in my blood from reading the stats. Thank you for your support and readership. This blog is random thoughts, random images and just plain gibberish at the end of the day. Tweet me, leave a comment and just plain visit at your leisure. I am thrilled to know that there are people out there in cyberworld who are reading my blog. Thanks people for your readership… has been hell of a journey. My highest day of readership this month was August 12, 2009 which lets me know you folks want to know about the money and how to make it.

This blog writes random ish and off the head stuff but I notice in the numbers and visitors that you always come back for my random banter. Thank you people for the readership again! Kudos to the people who support a sista… makes me cheese really hard right now! Hey hey hey!

You can always go to to get the scoop on any website. I often times wonder what the hell does all of this mean…well I am not certain. In the sales world this would equate to dollars but in the blogging world it mean diggly squat right now. Ask me in five years what the heck this means and I would tell you. Oprah, Wendy Williams, CNN, ABC, Steve Harvey, Micheal Baisden and a slew of other folks would probably have a different perspective about the statistics but your average blogger is simply blogging. I love that my ranking in Alexa has been climbing thanks to my readership. I started out in the 5 million range a year ago and now the ranking is hovering around 290K which is still not impressive enough for me to give away any freebies, cash, trips or whatever the hell would make me an household name. The status of this blog is up to my readership and the people who visit…without you I would have given up on this a long time ago. Perhaps one day I will be in the position to floss, shine and giveaway some stuff but in the meantime all I have to give away is banter. Donations, readership and comments help drive me to the top…..keep on supporting thephotographer4you and I will continue to spew out some random thoughts and images. Thanks people!

Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you®
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