Standing Up for Gay Marriage

My deceased brother Eric Johnson who died in 1995 at the tender age of 27 on a drug induced binge of ecstasy pills, cocaine, pot and Jack Daniels with the knowledge that he had contracted HIV years ago. That is what the autopsy report stated as cause of death. Poor thing didn’t live long enough if you asked me….death of a love one is not a good thing at all!  He had not lived a day longer than 27 either. I often times wonder would he have married the love of his life had he lived to witness states which recognize same sex marriage…it has to really exciting for some gay couples who longed to marry. To my gay family members, longtime friends and associates I stand up for gay marriage and equal rights in this country. Equality for all I say… would probably make a peaceful nation globally and than we could all focus on current events, finance and getting our economy stable.

 Standing Up for Gay Marriage
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