Social Media | Cyberspace Is the “IT” Activity to Do in CyberWorld

cyberspace Social Media | Cyberspace Is the IT Activity to Do in CyberWorldI am trolling the cyberspace street just checking out who is hanging out in cyberspace…lord knows some of us don’t expect to read the status reports of our relatives, cousins, friends and cyberfriends status reports online….some of the the stuff I read would make a person pass out from the shock! YUP! The cyberspace world is extremely an small world to exist in but we better get use to it. We live in an era when no longer do you get the 411 or deets per telephone phone call from a neighbor or family member, folks hanging on the street corner, neighborhood watch individuals who peek out their window watching out their small glass pane windows for criminal behavior and the local community happenings, email has even become too slow and remember beepers use to be the “IT” thing to attached to your pants belt loops or throw in your Coach pocketbooks? There was a time I could turn on the radio and find out where the party was at in my local neighborhood…not anymore. Cyberfolks are airing out their cyberspace agenda online, up to date cyberdirty laundry in cyberspace at the click of their keystrokes on their computer, iPhones and laptops; you have cyberpersonal livihoods, folks having cyberconversations with love ones and strangers on the cyberwaves streets, cybersex and cyberrelationships. Cyberfolks don’t care what you see, hear and think when viewing their cyberspace windows, nor what you read in cyberspace, what you view online in cyberspace, how you interpret their cyberbehavior and and as quiet as it kept it is the new way to snag a cybergig…it is what it is and you betta get with it or you will be lost in the cyberwaves is the mentality of cyberfolks who let it all hang out in cyberspace! YUP! Myself included and the cyberfolks in cyberspace are speaking loudly, placing digital images in plain view on their cyber online accounts, getting cyberjiggy with it and voicing their cybervoices loudly in the cyberspace airwaves. Are we ready for all the cyberspace noise? Probably not but cyberfolks don’t give a good got damn what we care…..because if you remember in science class. Speed is faster than the sound of  light! The Internet has proven that beyond a reasonable doubt that hanging out in cyerspace is the “IT” thing to do in in this cyberworld!


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