Rupaul’s Drag Race Is Fierce

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Rupaul gives good face…her makeup is impeccable!

Timing is everything when promoting yourself and making that allege comeback when your a celebrity. Often times when I hear that statement I wonder just were did the celebrity go? Rupaul is a champion with his/her new hit VH1 show “Drag Race”. He is an handsome man and a beautiful women. I just started watching the reality show two weeks ago and I have seen two episodes. I enjoy watching the  queens drag it out in front of the cameras. They all have been on their best behavior; thus far no real drama like cat fights but there are a lot of tears. The fashion, music and the makeup is fierce. Honey, these are the best of the best drag queens in the world. Rupaul conveyed the selection process for the contestants was very rigorous on  “The View” today how the drag queens were selected.

Rupaul is the original cover girl and a top supermodel in the world. Rupaul has a new album coming out called “Champion”, Drag Race is doing very well and Rupaul looks as fabulous as he did many years ago. Rupaul has maintained her beauty and handsome features. Two snaps for the kids!  icon cool Rupauls Drag Race Is Fierce


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