Quibids Online Auction Are The Real Deal

I had bid on a Bamboo Tablet and won the auction after two clicks. An item to replace my older tablet Wacom Intuos tablet. According to the email my product should arrive at my door within 10 Days. I should be getting my brand new Wacom tablet. I did not believe it! Be careful though….bidding on online auctions is sort of like gambling away coins if you don’t win…..shop wisely. Sign up for a free account and surf the website.
Beezid just launched-Press Release
Dibbing presents ‘backwards bidding’ where price goes down instead of up
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    I’ve heard that there are a lot of sites that have scam auctions. This isn’t one of them though? How can you say that it isn’t?

    • http://thephotographer4you.com thephotographer4you

      I have bid on the Quibid auction website, won my WACOM tablet for $2 plus shipping and received the product in the mail. That was my experience with Quibids…therefore I can’t bash a website that has not done me no wrong. As for other websites feel free to post who have scam you out of money on this website to advise other readers. Thank you.

      Please note the item was shipped from Amazon.com. I read the receipt after reading your question and posting my answer. On the shipping receipt it states that it is a Gift from QuiBid LLC? The return would go back to Amazon if there are any issues with the product. I am assuming fulfillment is through Amazon at this point. I hope that I was able to answer your question. As with anything involving money..use caution when bidding on online auctions, it is synonymous with gambling. You can lose a lot of money….especially if your hell bent on winning the item. The item won is beginner luck although one day I might try to bid on an iPAD.